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Thread: Live long and prosper

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    Red face Live long and prosper


    I've been visiting this site for some time now and have been reading many interesting posts here. I am shy and usually prefer not to register on a forum/site unless I feel it's very important and/or if I can contribute in some way.

    I see that giving too much personalia is usually frown upon, but I will risk some info.

    I'm a guy who lives in Northen Europe and soon within the age where some either get a young date or a buying a fast car/motorcycle (thinking of the motorcycle myself, lol). I am a computer geek, and proud of it although working within logistics (sending goods to customers) as I couldn't get an IT job during the IT bubble in 2000-2002 and now all my certificates are obsolete. I'm the "neighborhood geek" and everyone asks me for help when they have computer problems This actually helps me beeing more social and meet a lot of new people.

    Ok.. That was the boring/risky stuff and if I'm lucky enough that you're still reading we shal proceed to the more interesting topics.

    As I said in the beginning of this intoduction I have been here some time and finally joined the site. And this brings up the topic of why I am here.
    I am a DL and have been so since early teens. Because of my this I am more than avarage interested in urinary incontinence and products for managing this as well as causes, cures and experiences others have beeing DL or incontinent.

    From the Tutorial: 'Cheat Sheet'

    3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests?
    Well, mine does.

    As I have said before I am a geek, but I am also:
    A techy, a gamer, loving anything Sci-Fi, a world of warcraft addict (not playing atm, this is the 6th time I've quit it), a hobby mechanic fixing my own car, a general handyman. The last 2 is shocking my friends and familiars as they think I'm an all out geek.

    1 more thing that you might already have noticed. I like using forum smileys.

    I will use the last part of the 'Cheet sheet' with a twist.

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?
    There had to be a reason you joined this site.

    Q: Are you looking for support, because that is our main function and goal?
    A: Yes and no. I know who I am and have accepted my DL side a long time ago. That beeing said I am more than happy to support others and share my experiences when I feel it's needed

    Q: Are you looking to find other like-minded people who share the same diaper fascination as you, but are willing to talk about other things as well?
    A: Yes, and yes. Just don't drag me into a political or religious discussion as I activly avoid avoid both online. It's personal and in my opinion those topics has nothing (online) to outside sites aimed for that.

    Q: Did you come here for the stories or just to lurk around and get support through reading only? No need to be shy, just let us know!
    A: To be blunt, Yes. But as I have stated earlier I don't mind sharing my own experiences and my support to others when I see it is needed/wanted.

    Yikes.. This is a much longer post than I expected. lol

    If you are still reading this I am issuing the following orders, this is not a debatable one.

    Have fun!

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    So I take it you're also a Trekkie? Peace and long life!

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    Welcome to the site, it's great getting more trekkies here. Your heading really caught my attention. How do you like the new movies?

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    I couldn't do a "Hello" or a "Hi" for a heading and that popped up in my head.

    I actually like the new movies, although I'm not so sure the the "dark sided" angle they took on the movies. It seems like many, if not most, of the movies are on the darker side lately.

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    I thought the new movies tend to be more action oriented than the previous ones. I tend to prefer more the more thought-provoking episodes of the television series, particularly in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and the original series.

    On the other hand, the whole franchise was stagnating until this new cast came along. The last series, Enterprise, got cancelled just when it was getting interesting, and I thought the Next Generation movies were pretty bad (except for First Contact). I thought the Next Generation was a great series, but their movies tarnished their legacy. At least the new movies made Star Trek cool again. I still think the Wrath of Kahn is the best to date.

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    hah uless im worng this ounds like a star tre thing haha

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    I also prefer TNG, DS9, Tos. But I also like Voyager and Enterprise as they are set up in much the same way.

    All of Sci-Fi stagnated for some time and I do agree that the new movies made Star trek cool again, but I also see increased interest for space Sci-fi in general now.

    Firefly and Farscape is also good ones to watch if you're into Sci-fi in general.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by tennismad View Post
    hah uless im worng this ounds like a star tre thing haha
    Pretty much, yes.

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    in that case im going to put y two piece in lol

    i like star trek enterprise. and i like deep space 9 too. i alo like voyager. i cant really say i have a fav but if i had to pick one id have to pick enterprize but only by a harirbreath lol

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    Farscape was sheer genius. Comedy, drama, romance, and puppets. I loved it.

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