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Thread: Anyone else "archive" diapers?

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    Default Anyone else "archive" diapers?

    Today I went thrift shopping for some retro Christmas decorations, and I spotted some Depend Guards from 2001 or so. The shop was busy today, so I didn't grab them. But this got me thinking about the small "archive" I keep in a trunk.

    Thanks to their low price and discreetness, I started out my collection with kid pull-ups. I've since upgraded to actual nappies, but I always make sure to keep one from each bag I buy. It's not a whole lot of trouble to keep one of each design, and it's neat to see the progression of each product line. Maybe some AB/DL a decade from now will remember a pull-up they used to wear, and I can provide some pics. Who knows?

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    I have a few, but as (until recently) I was completely unable to buy anything except depends (on a good day) my selection is limited. I do have a small selection that I don't want to use

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    I have always wanted to archive diapers. Have not gotten round to starting my collection though. Would be nice to keep one of every kind of diaper I try, so I can reminisce about my favourite diapered memories..

    I can imagine when I pass away, my future grandkids all will rummage through my heirlooms and come across my antique diaper stash. That will be sure to spark a family discussion in the year 2072.

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    I used to keep one or two of every kind of diaper I tried but it got way out of hand. At one point I had 3 large totes and a large box full of my archived diapers. I was running out of room to keep diapers I was going to use. I have cut it down to about 1/3 of what it was, keeping it pretty much to "legendary" diapers rather than misc diapers that no one cared about.

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    Yes I have been collecting diapers for a little while now. I love how much more absorbent and better made baby diapers were back in the early 2000's and before! I always jump at the chance to buy up vintage diapers from thrift stores given the chance, always looking for more of those ever so cute huggies with the lion king prints!

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    No... Well to me diapers are a pure piece of equipment, designed to do a specific job.
    And whilst as an added on bonus I do like the feeling they provide, I have no admiration aside from pure functionality for the object itself.
    Also I've never been into collecting anything.
    So no, I use my diapers for my IC purposes... and that's it... certainly not archiving or collecting...
    And I've never understood how anyone could pay extra for "old" diapers on ebay. but... so what.

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    I have kept 1 of every type of diaper I have used so far. I do this not to really make a diaper museum for others to find, but to compare each one I have used before. The only thing I will not keep around is say sample packs. Those to me are bought to use them, and see if you want to make additional purchases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RouteLeader View Post
    I can imagine when I pass away, my future grandkids all will rummage through my heirlooms and come across my antique diaper stash. That will be sure to spark a family discussion in the year 2072.
    Hahaha! I've thought of this as well. I have a small collection forming up, but by the time I pass away it's probably going to be a pretty good size.

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    I too have a vast one of collection the many diapers I've bought over the years taking up space in my closet. I'm thinking or using them up or selling the collection.

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    I don't personally do this, though I have helped someone collect before. The person I brought stuff to has probably 1000+ in his collection, ranging from outdated Abena stuff to strange overseas products.

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