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    I have bought fabric and it got stolen before I could get it from my door. I am thinking about buying diapers from ebay again but I am wondering if I am better off getting a large PO box.

    On a second thought I may just leave a note taped to my door that says that people steal. Do not leave package.

    I think my main question is this; when you buy diapers in large quantities do they not have to have your signature before they let you take the delivery?

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    If it's sent ups. You should be able to track and change what day it shows up on. Or go and pick it up at a ups store. Otherwise I'm not to sure.

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    If your having theft problems I would arrange shipping to a UPS store or if it's Fed Ex to a Kinkos if you have one. Also you can arrange for pick up at the local terminal if you have one in your town.

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    hold for pickup is a good idea. call your depot and make sure they do it, not all depots will hold for pickup. find out their window hours. contact them at least a day in advance with the tracking number and ask them to hold for you. make sure you bring a photo id when picking up.

    and get a security camera for your property if you're having theft issues.

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