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    If money wasn't an issue I would get one of those life size sex dolls like a 'Real Doll'. Not to use in the standard way but to dress up in diapers and cute outfits. This has been my fantasy for a few years but haven't desired it enough to want to pursue it. I know there are blow up dolls but I don't think that would be stimulating, but for some reason I feel like something more life-like would be stimulating.

    Does anyone think that it would be strange to use a humanoid inanimate object to fulfill my fantasies? Well, of course it's not normal but is there anything morally wrong with this? Or spiritually wrong?

    Anyone tried this?

    Thank you for reading

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    Not hurting anyone, so I don't see it as being wrong. Members on this site are constantly dressing their plushies in diapers and such

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    they make fantastic actresses.

    (it is a good movie though)

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    Ive known many whove dressed their stuffed animals and dolls in diapers and cute outfits, i see no difference with doing it with a Real Doll.

    I admit, id love one of these things. I think id put it on the couch, make it look like its staring at whoever walks into the living room. Wonderfully creepy in a john waters way.

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    There are less expensive alternatives that are not surprised looking inflatables. I own two in the $500 range and a $50 air girl with a closed mouth as well. I have posted their pics here in "plushie" threads before. My adult, life sized dolls are made for sex but I use them like a plushie for sleep companion mostly and photo models at times too. I do have sex with my dolls sometimes and it can be quite good. I'm not sure if I can link to an 18+ website here even after the membership age increase so search for adult doll forums and if you find me at one be discrete as I use the same username and they know not what it truly means. And! and by the way that doll that played Bianca in the Lars movie was a guest in my home when the guy who bought her from a prop store stopped by to interview me for a documentary he was doing.

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    My teddy bear wears a real baby onsie and he likes it. I sleep with him every night, but it's purely a platonic relationship.

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    That line about "I wish I had a woman that couldn't talk" had me falling off my chair... hilarious and true for most guys at different times of the week/month... lol Never saw the movie, looks very interesting.

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    There's nothing morally wrong with being attached to an inanimate object. The gray area where it starts to get creepy is when some people actually get those in models designed to look like children. I read an article quite some time ago that brought up this dilemma. They posed the question that if there's nothing wrong with dressing up and having sex with a 'real doll', then is there something wrong if that doll is made to look like a child? I'm very offput by the thought, but it makes a good point. At what point is it considered wrong, if at all, to be dressing up and performing sexual acts on a 'real doll'?

    I'm not saying that the OP is using a child doll, I'm just bringing up the point to get people thinking. I don't see anything wrong with OP's desires to purchase, dress-up and have sex with the doll, but that's because I'm assuming it will be an adult model.

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    I would Like to dress my Mickey mouse stuffed animal up in different outfits, but he isn't a normal size. His waist is about as big as mine but only half my size. Nothing really fits well. I haven't specifically looked for clothing for him but it's also not something I can aptly hide at this point.
    My relationship with Mickey is more then just platonic, He is super nice super cute and a super mouse.

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