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Thread: Skiing while diapered

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    Talking Skiing while diapered

    Has anyone else thought about wearing a diaper while skiing?
    The snow pants would hide the thickness, crinkle, and maybe even the smell, also you could stay outside longer without bathroom breaks.

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    Done it many times. It's my favorite thing to do during winter!

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    Default Skiing while diapered

    I haven't worn while skiing exactly, but I have brought diapers along on a few different backpacking trips where we have been in snow/blizzard conditions. But for the most part, I've limited wearing to bed once we were safely in our tents for the night.

    For whatever reason, I've never really mastered walking 'normally' with a diaper on, and usually I find it kind of difficult to be out and about with a diaper on during the day (which is why 90% of the time, I'm only in diapers at bedtime). However if the day ever comes where I can figure out how not to waddle with bambino diapers, I'd love to go skiing in one!

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    I LOVE skiing in diapers! I have since I skied in diapers as a kid. One of my favorite diaper memories as a child is when I was 6, my ski instructor thought that I wet my pants during lunch. As I remember it, I spilled alphabet soup on myself, but my teacher didn't believe me. He took me to the baby changing room, changed me out of my wet snowsuit and underpants, put me on the floor, and fastened a thick fluffy diaper on me. I remember being in heaven the rest of the day, and getting home and my mom being like...WTF? when she saw my diaper. Ever since, I love to ski in diapers, and often ski in thick ones to avoid having to change while out.

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