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Thread: used diapers to bed

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    Default used diapers to bed

    does anyone here not just go to bed in diapers, but go to bed in wet/messy diapers? I personally have done both, but have only slept in a messy diaper twice.

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    Yuk! I always put on a fresh, fluffy, and pristine diaper and plastic panties before going to bed. Even if the diaper that I am wearing before bed-time has not been wetted, I still change into a fresh one before going to bed.

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    Yeah. Most of the time if I'm wearing at night...i'll wet/sleep/wet again in the morning.

    the abri x plus's do a good job of keeping the skin fairly dry, so it has never really been an issue when sleeping through the night like that.

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    Hmm, I can't say I have. I always wet in my sleep, so Iunno *shrug*

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    I don't put on a used one but I have gone to bed in a wet diaper before. I still felt dry however. This was mostly in Abena X-plus diapers and in Bambino's.

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    Wet diapers usually aren't that bad.
    Messy ones, and good luck being comfortable. Can we say "diaper rash"? >.>

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    It depends how wet I am. If i'm soaked, I'll change so I don't leak a puddle onto my mattress. If i'm lightly wet, I'll just pass out in that diapey.

    No sense changing before bed unless you really need to. No sense changing in general if you don't need to.

    Diapeys are expensive, why waste them?

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    I've worn wet diapers to sleep a lot, but not recently. I wore a pullup type diaper to bed the other day, but I didn't wet it til later that next night.

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