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Thread: How many of the people on this site enjoy wearing there bathroom ??

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    Default How many of the people on this site enjoy wearing there bathroom ??

    So how many of you would rather wear your bathroom around your waist and wear your diapers just cuz you like the comfort of diapers? And how many of you use your diapers for all your bathroom needs even tho you don't need too?? I just tryna see what other people gotta say about it..... I love being diapered I replaced wearing underwear with disposables and that's all I wear now 24/7 even tho I have no med.problems or issues with my bladder

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    I wear for all my (bathroom) needs But i don't ware 24/7 as it might take some of the fun out of wearing as to me wearing is a special feeling and i would not want to upset that nice balance. Leo

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    I do like to wear them for wetting, but I do not agree with messing in them in public. It is hard to clean up, and usually involves me taking a shower afterwards.
    As for physical comfort is concerned. It is better than having to go to the toilet all the time, but I am still having trouble letting go.

    Some times it is easy, and comfortable. Other times it is very uncomfortable. I have very high urine output so bathrooms are a pain for me. For emotional comfort.
    It makes me feel better because I don't have to panic, and rush to the nearest toilet. It takes allot of stress off my mind, and I smile more now because i'm happier.
    I like plastic backed disposables. I could not see myself using cloth. I do not wear 24/7. Though I am pretty close to that anyway. I do not think I could wear them at work, and get away without being found out.

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    Even around my house, it's difficult for me to mess because I live with a lot of people in a small house. Plus, it's such a pain in the butt to clean up by myself. I usually just end up showering very quickly after I mess. The feeling is not worth all the hassle, and I'm not a huge fan of the feeling to begin with. Makes me afraid to sit down, or even move cuz I know clean-up is going to be even worse.

    I could wet diapers all day though. The fact that I use each diaper very sparingly however, means that I don't go that far. Every diaper I use has at LEAST a 4 hour free time period for use. Anything less is a waste of a good quality diaper. I don't like to wear out in public, so using them isn't as convenient for me as others, and toilets are abound if you pay attention.

    So I suppose I fall in the category of 'comfort wearer'.

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    I wear mostly for comfort. But I will use them for #1 only.

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    Every once and a while I get the opportunity to wear them. When I do wear diapers I use them to the max.

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    I wear diapers to feel young, so I use them for every thing just like someone who wasn't potty trained yet. however I don't wear outside my house normaly.

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    I wear mine 24/7 and pee in them. It's hard pooping in them and he clean up is a bitch and a waste of diaper.

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    I wear mine 24/7 out of need for my urge IC and OAB. I don't believe in messing in them. I use the potty for #2, but I do have an occasional accident. Then I change right away. I hate the cleanup.

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    I wear 24/7 for comfort, for DL, and to prevent friction rashes down there. (leak guards prevent skin from rubbing, yay!) Overnight it's nice to not have to get up to pee, it gets COLD around these parts in the winter. (tomorrow's low will be -4F, and I avoided having to get up three times last night...) So, I wear because I like to, plus it has its benefits.

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