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Thread: Any Interest In a "Geek Chic AB/Littles Boutique"?

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    Default Any Interest In a "Geek Chic AB/Littles Boutique"?

    Alright kids, SURVEY TIME!!! But first, a little backstory:

    Mommy's a fairly accomplished seamstress with her own costume/cosplay store online that's done some pretty decent business. Now, she's made me the odd bit of AB clothing over the past few years, and has gotten quite good at it, to the point that she can whip out a quality onesie in a few short hours. I wear them all time, so I know they hold up well (because I don't tend to take care of them... like, at all), and having shown some of them off at various Little-friendly events, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Thing of it is, my particular tastes don't run in the typical "teddy bears, rubber duckies, fire trucks, etc." vein, so the items that she makes for me tend to have a bit more edge to them (think more like skulls, monsters, etc.).

    Now most AB/Ageplay clothing stores stick with the baby prints, the powder blues and pinks, and are outrageously expensive for what they are. Not to mention that 90% of the major retailers seem to be located outside of the US, so if the prices of the merchandise don't get you, the shipping most certainly will.

    We were thinking of starting an online store focused primarily on making Littles clothing that keeps the cuteness, but drops the traditional prints. An offering of geek-centric Ageplay wear that's less building blocks, airplanes, Sesame Street, & Care Bears, and much more retro video games, 80s/90s cartoons, comics, horror movies, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Monster High, etc. Basically (and I hate to make this analogy), fashion ourselves as sort of a "Hot Topic" of Littles clothing. Give the booming younger generation of Littles some more modern options to wear what they like, and offer a product that you don't have to worry about discretion quite as much with if it happens to peek out from under your clothes. Now please keep in mind, these more unique fabrics are a bit more expensive, so I couldn't promise they'd be terribly cheap, but we see no reason why we'd have to charge $80 for a damn onesie.

    BUT, this would require a fairly sizeable investment on our part to get it up and running, so that FINALLY brings me to my question:

    Is there enough of a demand for an alternative and more modern style in ageplay clothing items to warrant the time, money, and effort required on our part to open up a geek chic Littles boutique?

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    As with everything in this fetish, it is aimed at a very specific niche market. The designs with ducks, care bears etc. are popular because that is what a lot of ab/dls associate with being babyish. It's possible that your onesies could sell very well, but they need the right market, and because it is a niche market there is no guarantee that there are going to be a lot of people buying.

    I'm not saying your idea is bad, in fact it's a wonderful idea and I welcome as many onesie options into the marketplace as is possible, it's just I have no idea how big the market is, and I don't think anyone really knows for sure.


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    I agree with Ronbeast.

    But I'd definitely be interested in some of the designs you mentioned. Can't guarantee I would be a loyal customer since I'm currently unemployed, but I look forward to this business venture getting off the ground. Just be careful about selling things are could be brand named or you could be slapped with a law suit.

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    I have a hard time finding anything that is more suited for older kids than younger. I would be interested in different prints than what is currently offered. About 40.00$ USD is what I would pay for a good footed sleeper. Any other clothing I would also be interested in.

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    I honestly would LOVE some more modern looking stuff. While I enjoy the bit of nursery print now and then it just isn't what I really want. The retro gaming, comics, "Geek chic" (If we must use that phrase..) is something I've been looking for as it takes me to my childhood and I think you could find a good customer base with the younger crowd who grew up with this sort of stuff.

    It is true that you should be careful going forward as many of us just don't know what the market would be like, maybe test the waters on Ebay? Also maybe show a bit of your stuff off here so we can get a better idea of your offerings. All in all I love the idea and would love to see it take off. Good Luck!

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    I would enjoy some of that stuff. If you had some star trek or dr. who cloth diapers or footed pj's, i'd probably go for it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    OOOh, yoshi print! That would be awesome.

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    I've started plenty of corporations over the years, from computers through aviation...

    Now, never in a commodity like clothing for a niche market...

    But, what I'd say is you can already make the items, and just go ahead with a web store and see where that goes...

    I think you might have an item that has a market...

    Open up a web store on eBay and see what's like $20 a month...

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    I would love see what have done so far and as long at cheap cost paired to other AB retailer.

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    I appreciate your intent to help littles purchase quality onesies at an affordable price, but I believe you would do better by broadening your vision to everyone needing to cover their diapers. For me, I want quality black T-shirt style onesies at a reasonable price. If you make an incontinence bodystocking in a T-shirt design in solid colors other than white, pink, and baby blue, you could get more than just AB's buying your products. DL's and IC's would also make purchases. Make your products something that even non-AB's would be willing to wear frequently.

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