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    I have been looking for some adult pull-ups that I can use daily under my regular clothes, but the ones you buy in the store like Depends sag very badly after you wet and tend to fall down before you can change. Does anyone have any suggestions for ones you've tried that stay tight to your body? I am a big guy so I need larger sizes. I am more than willing to buy them online somewhere as long as they work. Thanks.

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    I haven't really found any that hold up well. I get the same problem with briefs. A onesie is a fix.

    A leotard is easier to find and cheaper if you don't want to order a onesie.

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    Hello there.

    I have found the Molicare Mobile pull-ups to be pretty decent. They are comfortable, and despite being a pull-up, they do actually hold pretty well too!

    Alternatively, perhaps try the Abena Abri Flex S/M/L level 3 (Extra absorption). Also decent!

    Good luck and have fun!

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    euron mobi are very good and hold loads - about 1700ml I think! very babyish to

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    Depends Real-Fit with UnderArmour boxer briefs over it will prevent sagging. They hold well for leakage and small bladders if your plan is to buy some time to reach a bathroom. In any case, I recommend the UnderArmour over any pull-up or diaper to keep from going all the way to using a onesie.

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    I use the Starter brand underwear that's made like Underarmor. I got these over Bambino and cloth diapers and they keep things snug and comfy and keeps this from sagging as well

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    You might try Abri-wing briefs. They have velcro closure, so are easy up/down and easy change. More important---you can refasten them to snug them up. From what XP medical reports, they are more absorbent than the Abena and Attends pull-ups, but not as absorbent as a taped brief. I'm sitting here in one (an M3) that I've been wearing all morning, through multiple wettings. No leaks, no extreme sag.

    I got them to wear instead of Tranquility belted pads when I'm going to be in professional situations but am suffering a colitis flare up. (The Tranquility are, IMHO, crap; they disintegrate in a matter of just a couple of hours even though unused.) Unfortunately, these are M3 and are a little too bulky for me to feel comfortable with under those circumstances.

    But you can do a lot better than pull-ups without losing their convenience, I think.

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