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Thread: How many times can you wet your diaper before leakage?

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    Default How many times can you wet your diaper before leakage?

    The most I've ever wet my diaper was about 5 times but it never leaked and I always had to change cuz I had something come up every time look forward to y'all's comments

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    I think it all depends on the type of diaper that I'm wearing, and how bad I have to pee. Sometimes you can pee, and it's not really a lot of urine.

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    That made me think of this:

    My point is that there are too many variables (type of diaper, amount, frequency, standing or sleeping, etc.) and you will get different answers from just about everyone you ask.
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    Mattew has it right. It isn't the number of time but the volume. If you ware all the time you soon figure out how to judge if you are near capacity.
    Now comes the problem of where to change.

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    Anywhere between 3 and 500 times...
    depending on the (involuntary) output.

    I dribble - like a lot often... thus the "500 times"... ...

    bit that really depends on type of diaper, volume expelled, speed of flow, pressure, pressure of the diaper on your body (has a huge impact on how the urine is being spread...), zone of impact, etc...

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    We'll i pee a lot sometimes so it's hard for me to judge

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    I'm a heavy wetter and my record in a cushie is 2 good floodings.

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    I pee a lot of times I'm in one, but I don't have a lot of volume. When I feel wetness on my backside it's time for a change, so I very seldom have a leak.

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    If wearing pampers 6+ then 3/4 times. If wearing cuddlz or LIL to tell you the truth not sure how many times but i know a lot more times then 3/4 thats for sure. Good times

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    I wore a Large Molicare Super Plus to see Hunger Games 2. I fully wet 4 times before the movie was over, and about half a wetting after that. Of course I had a booster in it. That is the most I ever gone in one diaper. I did not leak. The first few weeks I had occasional leakage. Mainly due to inexperience, and flooding a cheap diaper. It only took 1 good wetting to do it in.

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