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Thread: How long did it take to get comfortable in diapers?

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    Default How long did it take to get comfortable in diapers?

    I am used to wearing diapers at night for my bedwetting but have recently had to start wearing 24/7. My Dr. says I have mixed incontinence. urge/stress. I am a stock person at a store and go through a wide range of movement through out my shift the first diapers I tried at work were cheap and I had tape problems they kept popping on me. Now that I have found a premium diaper "wellness" I have yet to have a tape come unstuck, but I still find myself trying to work with out too much bending or kneeling and I don't realize it. Has anyone else had this experience? How long after finding a confident diaper did it take to realize you don't have to limit your range of movement? How many people here have mixed incontinence? If I lift anything heavy like big dog food bags my bladder lets go at times. Other times I don't get the feeling that I have to go and then it hits and I have like 30 seconds if I am lucky before the flood happens. don't see many posts on mixed incon and was wondering how many others have it?

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    Hey man, I've resigned myself to ultimately being headed for 24/7 (I'm not mucking about with surgery or pills even any more!) but not totally comfortable myself either. Bodysuits/leotards are supposed to be really helpful, but unless you like the Simon Cowell look in the Summer you're gonna warm up.

    Also mixed, btw.

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    You'll be comfortable in your daytime diapers when you realize that wearing enables you to go wherever you want and do whatever you want to do without fear of embarrassing accidents. Before you get to that stage, you'll need to find a diaper that fits you properly and provides the absorbent capacity you need.

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    I am fortunate that I am next to a bathroom at work all day, so a pull-up or guard does the trick for the minor drip or spurt along with a schedule for visiting it, but if I am out and away from the b/r, I wear due to the urgency level I get when "the time arrives", I try and head it off before it gets there!. It took a long time to reach a level of confidence, after trying many brands, but it does come with time and experimenting.

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    I think like those of us who are IC this is a lifetime process. In fact it is one of the reasons I'm on this site to see what the experiences of others are.
    As you have found getting a better brand will usually give you more comfort and security.
    As for what fits your body size and volume of out put that you will have to figure out.
    Other than that only time will tell what works best.

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    I agree with what Ringer said. Myself I use premium diapers during the day. I'm retired so I use my most absorbent diaper during the morning to early afternoon. That's when I'm the most active and prone to a
    messing accident. I can normally get by changing between 6 to 7 hours. For the rest of the day I use a lesser one. For overnight I wear a cloth AIO which I'm in around ten hours. Being on a fixed income I'll wear
    an AIO for the afternoon two to three days a week to save on disposable costs.

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    I am medically bowel incontinent and wear diapers 24/7.

    For a long time I wore the old Wellness diapers as well as Abena Abri-form X-Plus, but I always reinforce the tapes on both diapers.

    I conducted testing of the new Wellness Superio Signature diaper and found it to be remarkably better - a completely new diaper. Because of the much higher gutter guards and leg gathers I found the fecal containment and odor containment to be much improved, perhaps the best I have found on any diaper, including Abena and Molicare. That also should make them more effective at holding urinary flooding without leaking.

    This week I received my first case of the final version of the new Wellness diaper - with a plastic landing zone on the front to which the tapes can be attached, removed and reattached. I am very pleased with the new tapes - they are strong and tape so firmly to the landing zone that I do not have to reinforce them. They reattached securely after being removed.

    Mike, I tested the beta version of the new Wellness diapers for fecal containment in practical real-world situations during my morning exercise walks (when I usually have a bowel accident) and never had them leak!! During repeated tests I deliberately did things we never normally would do with a messy diaper - quickly sitting, moving around while seated, etc. I walked a total of over 28 miles with a messy diaper (returning home from my walks) with zero leaks. This should indicate that the new Wellness diaper is a good candidate for someone who has to be very active while wearing it in a work situation or for sports. I am not bladder incontinent but my absorbency tests indicated a very high absorbency capacity.

    The new Wellness is thin which, for me, is particularly good when wearing dress trousers. For women, the thinness may offer them more options re choice of clothing.

    Because my Aben Abri-form X-Plus diapers have been discontinued, I am checking out other alternatives. I just received a package of Molicare Super diapers but have not tested them yet. These diapers are a hybrid - they have a plastic shell for the center but with breathable sides. That should mean good fecal containment but with more odor being transmitted, a critical concern for those of us who are fecal incontinent.

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you everyone for your replies. It has taken a bit of trial and error to find adequate daytime protection that works well and holds up to heavy activity and wetting. For night time I go between the wellness and abena m4. With having to now wear during the day my concern was more that it would be noticeable to everyone because I work in a public setting. I tried wearing the abena's at work and the amount of bulk when dry felt to me like it was obvious to all around I was diapered and so even worse when wet. I have settled on the wellness diapers for my all around protection for now. It has been 3 weeks now since I have had to go 24/7. I void small amounts but frequently ie lifting, bending, kneeling and then standing up and so far I have been able to only need 1 diaper for a 8 hour shift. I do have a spare in my car tho for in case. I want to thank everyone again for being helpful and supportive and helping me as I am having to come to terms with 24/7 diapering.

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    Babykins has a sleeveless oneziese for summer loose fitting pants help hide them lots.
    Most persons dont notice unless you act defrent and draw attention to your self good luck.

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    I'm a paraplegic and am in diapers 24/7, although at first it was a bit uncomfortable (not physically but emotionally) wondering who might be looking... I quickly came to the realization one day during a SCI peer support meeting, that it's already assumed by the general public that we're already in diapers, so don't even worry about it! After that conversation, it was a very liberating experience as I found myself no longer caring if anyone knew I wore day/night. Mind you I never flaunt my diapers, but if people see them showing from the back while i'm transferring into my chair or if I have my shirt off and they spill out of the top of my shorts, I could quite honestly care less now! It's actually incredibly liberating to be able to be so carefree now with the issue. After growing up as a chronic bedwetter, being in pullups or diapers every night until I was 12 and for so many years constantly being in fear of the two dreaded words "Who knows"? It's nice to just not have to hide anymore, one of the VERY few benefits of being paralyzed!

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