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Thread: Sudden Bedwetting problem!

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    Unhappy Sudden Bedwetting problem!

    I am a 20yo college student. I have been taking medication(gabapentin for my anxiety and possible ptsd) for almost 4 weeks now and the last 8 days I have woken up wet three times. I have an appointment with the doctor on Friday but I'm not sure if its due to the meds or just worsening anxiety(since it didn't start when I started the meds but rather two weeks in).
    What is strange is I don't wake up soaking, but rather I only seem to leak, when I wake up my underwear is wet and the sweat pants I have been wearing to bed are wet in the crotch. However it has not leaked on the bed.

    I was wondering a couple of things first off, is it normal that there is so little urine? If I was fully voiding wouldn't I be able to soak through underwear and somewhat thick sweatpants.
    Another question I think someone here will be able to answer is. Is it normal to wet the bed on occasion about once maybe twice a year. Since it happens so rarely I usually figure it's that I drank too much water however looking into this has caused me to realize most adults do not wet the bed at all. However this case of doing it three times in 8 days is excessive and has never happened. I always wake up when I've drank too much before bed and if it was my bladder being full wouldn't I wake up soaking?

    I am an abdl but I threw out my diapers and pacifiers a year ago and haven't even thought about it since until this started happening last week. While I do like diapers and the idea of wetting the bed isn't the sudden end of the world I am hoping this doesn't become a regular thing. I am done for this semester on Friday and I ordered a small pack of diapers so that when I am home I don't need to wash my two pairs of sweatpants every couple days.
    My second question is what do I do if this persists into the next semester. I live in a small loft apartment with one roommate and I've already had a situation where I had to stay in bed with my quilt over me and wait for him to leave the room(I now keep a pair of gym shorts in my bed so I can change under the covers if needed
    Has anyone had a similar situation?
    Is there any way to control the smell and/or stay discreetly diapered living in the same room as someone?(hopefully it wont come to this)
    One last question. Should I mention something to my mom when I am home for break? She knows that I am going to the doctor for anxiety and she is very caring but I feel it's awkward for her 20yo son to tell her "I've started wetting the bed suddenly and decided to wear diapers". However I would like to not have to hide this while I am home since it will just cause more anxiety(the irony!).

    Sorry for the wall of text and the number of questions I am just confused and frustrated. Also I'm not sure if this belongs in another section but I felt since it has a variety of questions I would post in here. THANKS!
    TLDR: I have started wetting the bed due to medication, or anxiety. I have no clue how to deal with this!
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    If you are not comfortable with telling them about being an ABDL you can still tell them (especially your mother) about why you would be using diapers for medical reasons. They can't dislike you for something you can't control.

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    I take Gabapentin for fibromyalgia and small fiber neuropathy and never had a problem with it.

    and i checked my PDR and the internet and found nothing on gabapentin causing bedwetting.

    i wish it did.

    Some men drip a small amount at night and most doctors do not class that as bed wetting.

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    I take gabapentin, along with load of others...

    Gabapentin hasn't ever changed my ic or amount thereof...

    But, tizanadine has caused it to be worse...muscle relaxer...

    Gabapentin is a nerve drug from my understanding...I take for getting rid of the feeling of an ice pick stabbing repeatedly into my bad foot, which has no feling...

    It's odd how things work!

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    Another possibility is to use a female IC pad inside your underwear to help contain your leakage if you don't want wear a diaper. The pads are a little more discreet than a diaper.

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    Some men drip a small amount at night and most doctors do not class that as bed wetting.
    I would certainly consider it more substantial than some leakage, it does soak most of my underwear and through the crotch of my sweatpants. I suspect that since I sleep with a pillow between my legs it has pushed the sweatpants flush with my underwear so it soaks things up before they can run down the side of my leg.

    As for the idea to use a pad I am not sure if they will work well since I sleep on my side but they are worth a shot! Any recommended brands?

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    The Poise ultimate. Either the Hourglass or regular. I prefer the hourglass. Also the Tena ulitimate should work.

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    First and foremost see your doctor this Friday and describe in detail any changes that have occurred during your sleep habits.

    Secondly, it's not uncommon for anxiety, PTSD, or a combination of drugs and that(even with no known "bed wetting side effects") to cause this as I've seen.

    Since this is not full blown bed wetting, simple depends would be sufficient to control this at the moment and would only have to be worn at night. They are discreet enough and you really don't need anything else beyond that.

    Best thing you can do right now is not panic about it or jump to conclusions. See your doctor first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sesy View Post
    Has anyone had a similar situation?
    Is there any way to control the smell and/or stay discreetly diapered living in the same room as someone?(hopefully it wont come to this)
    dude i was diapered in a single room dorm in college and my roomate never knew a thing. so yes its possible, it just comes with practice. daily trash runs preferably early in the morning before people wake up (this will also mean getting up extra early) lots of Walmart grocery bags (i have done this since i was 4 years old with my pullups use the diaper then put it in the bag and tie it not a magic cure but drasticly reduces smell) and Stay very hydrated clear urine don't smell as its 99% water the more water you drink the less it smells

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    I take gabapentin also for nerve pain related to pinched nerves in my back
    i'm not sure if that can cause bladder problems, but it could be stress related
    either way you should see a doctor and consider wearing protection at night to help keep you and your bedding dry.

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