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    This story is true about when I got my first kiss. I know stories aren't usually meant for the 'off topic' forum but this is not diaper related to I think it belongs here.

    Ok so here's the story of my first kiss.
    So let's begin. I was in 8th grade staring from a distance at my crush, her name was Kendra. She barely knew me, but I kissed her some while back, about 7 years ago. It was an average day in first grade, me and Kendra were kinda enemies at the time. We were sticking our tongues out at each other and getting in each-others faces when suddenly our tongues touched for a second. My first kiss was I guess a "French kiss".

    For the rest of elementary school everyone knew about it but only teased me until around 3rd grade.

    Even though Kendra and I never got close and never will, it is great that I could engage in conversation as we sometimes would be partners assigned by the teacher working together in class during middle school. Even though I would be nervous talking to her, I was pretty shy usually and she was one of the few people I could get a good conversation going with.

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    My first kiss was so awkward. I kept hinting at my girlfriend to kiss me a buncha times at the movie theaters and when she went for it, I kept my lips together and she speared me with her tongue. I was so confused hahaha.

    My first make-out though happened in 8th grade. I was walking this drunk girl home and she went for the kiss mid sentence. Not wanting to make the same mistake as last time, I dove back at her and the fireworks flew for the rest of that short little walk around the corner from my house. Of course she was belligerently drunk and thinking back on it, we must have looked ridiculous being pressed against some random person's car locking lips. The only thing to top it off would have been if the alarm went off. :p

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