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Thread: What is a DL brony called?

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    Default What is a DL brony called?

    This website seems to have a lot of ABDL Bronies (along with myself) and I have been wondering what that is called? Since there are Babyfurs, then there has to be a name for Brony ABDLs.

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    There's no name for brony AB/DL's and there shouldn't be. They are two very different things.

    Frankly I don't like them combined at all.

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    Along with Diaper Fetishism, Furries have been around a lot longer than bronies have, thus more ABDLs have come more in contact with furries and became them, ext. Also Babyfurs are a semi-common thing in the furry community. Bronies on the other hand when it comes to diapers aren't as public I suppose thus there is no name. But if there was I assume the word foals would be in there somewhere.

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    Pampered Pony perhaps? Hehe The Pampered Pony! Idk seriously, I have no clue.

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    Brony and a DL...?

    I agree, there shouldn't be a name for one because where I'm proud to be a brony I definitely wouldn't be proud to confess about wearing diapers.

    Also I think that giving people too much classifications like this is stupid.

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    I agree that there's no need for a name, however in fimfiction, there's a group called "Padded Ponies and Adult Foals", so I'm pretty sure that's as close as you're going to get

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    This is just me thinking but both tastes would have to be combined to give it a name like the babycubs and furs have. Otherwise your a dl who's "little" side happens to like ponies no?

    For the sake of trying though ill add diaper stallions

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxkits View Post
    Crinkle hooves. :-)
    This made me giggle more then it should XD

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    I don't really know if a name is necessary, your just a brony who happens to be a DL

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