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Thread: Bizzare!

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    Default Bizzare!

    I've just picked up a Tena slip super medium.. off the bar counter in my local pub!

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    Well, you've got to be careful when you drink too much. You should always have a designated diaper!

    Sounds like a cool pub, though! Why was it on the bar?! Any ideas?

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    Same old, same old. A few drinks, the standards lower and the guy will pick up anything at the bar. He wouldn’t even try hold out for a bambino or an m4, hell - I’ll even bet that it was cloth backed. OP, you are a man of easy virtue, shame on thou.

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    Yeah, by three in the morning, even a Depends looks good!

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    I hope that it wasn't a set-up...are you on camera taking a nappy from the bar?? Pranked? secret admirer...just dumb-luck? 0_O
    I would have left it right there... -Marka

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarKid View Post
    Pics or it didn't happen :P

    Quote Originally Posted by KenworthW900b View Post
    .... I must agree with carkid about the guy finding the random diaper on the bar! ....
    I find it bizarre that people would find it unbelievable that the OP has found a diaper left on the end of a bar. Once upon a time I worked in a bar and among the inventory that I personally found there;
    1/ Coats, 2/ Jackets, 3/ Loose money, 4/ Keys, 5/ Wallets, 6/ Handbags, 7/ Cigarettes, 8/ Lighters, 9/ Tobacco pipes, 10/ Cameras, 11/ Underwear, 12/ Flick-knife, 13/ Earrings, 14/ Diamond from an engagement ring, 15/ Another manís wife - she had fallen asleep in the toilets and he went home without her.

    Sometimes it is not what you find - but what you donít, that makes you lucky. A friend in the same bar at closing time, found two masked gentlemen hiding in the toilets with a sawn- off side-by-side, they enquired about the nightís takings, then made off with them.

    It would be easy for a diaper to be left in the toilets by possibly an IC - for one reason or another. When found by somebody else it could have been shown at the bar to the sceptics assembled there.

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