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Thread: Annoyances buying diapers

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    Default Annoyances buying diapers

    Hey everyone! I'm kinda... back. For personal reasons (not regarding diapers) I've been some time away, so after I solved what kept me away, I went back to buy some diapers and took the opportunity to try new brands.

    So, I went to a diaper store after spotting the brand I was looking for on the Internet. I did a little research, so I went for it.

    Now, we all know that almost all of us (except very rare cases) are EXTREMELY nervous and embarrased at the moment we are on a mission. There are some tricks and stuff like going to a store or self checkout (not available in my country) to try to go easier, but it is almost sure that our heart will pump like a race engine.

    A diaper store is a different sort of thing. A person going through the door of that brightly lit store which windows let anyone see you're inside has entered that place with a single objective, and with no mistake, that only objective: to buy diapers.

    Why, why, WHY the people working at the diaper store has to be SO NICE? What is the need to be so talkative!?

    Here is a snippet of a conversation, as precise as I can recall:

    (for the sake of understanding: I'm 1.8m tall and weigh around 85kg. I have a skinny face, so is easy to say I weigh much less than that)

    - Oh... Hi, Do you have XXX size YYY?
    - (stares me like trying to recognize me; I start to panic) Are you coming from Jane?*
    - (trying to play it cool) HHmm no, I don't know who she is...
    - Oh, because she always sends some guy to take the diapers, but she always takes ZZZ size.
    - (everything is still under control try to calm down...) Well... I don't...
    - So, which brand?
    - XXX, size YYY
    - Hmmm... How much does weight the person?
    - (piece of cake!) Uhm... around 85kg I guess. I can't recall.....
    - Well, you, or... uhm... the person who will use them is on the limit. I'd suggest to take ZZZ as a precaution measure.
    - (AGHH FOR GOD'S SAKE I KNOW WHAT I WANT!) I'll take a chance with the YYY size, I'm almost sure that's the size.
    *I've got no chance to remember the actual name. The rest of the conversation was pretty much the same.

    At the moment she give's me the package I was almost trembling.

    There were other moments with other stores; anything was as painful as this one, but there were some annoyances.

    I went to pharmacies, I went to superstores, and always there has been a reason to keep me exremely nervous (paranoid thoughts aside!). The last time I went to a superstore, there was a big line behind me. and the cashier took A YEAR to checkout. I felt I could die of embarrasment.

    How do you deal, not with your embarrasment, but this kind of annoyances? How do you do to 'play it cool'?

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    i am sure after you got home from the store you REALLY enjoyed a diaper on.....

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    a diaper store??? you mean one as in "sells only adult diapers"???
    where can I find that ? ...

    that aside...
    Clerks... I've learned to accept it as a way of life,... and usually if you act like 100% normal, it's not as awkward as anyone thinks.
    after all it's just diapers... someone has to use them, otherwise there would be no such product.

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    I look at the experience from the perspective of the store clerk: it is their job to help you select the correct product with quality customer service so you will get the correct product the first time and return again for more. They are used to people unfamiliar with adult diapers coming to their store to purchase for either themselves or a loved one. I enter with this expectation and plan ahead to answer their questions. Usually, I will greet the person and tell them up front answers to the usual questions. In most instances, I refer to a relative, use female pronouns, and specify heavy nighttime usage. When applicable, mentioning past usage alleviates sizing concerns. At one medical supply store, I regularly purchased Molicare Super's in size medium and Super Plus's in size large. The cashier only asked one time if I had the correct sizes.

    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    a diaper store??? you mean one as in "sells only adult diapers"???
    where can I find that ? ...
    From Tranquility's website: Comfort Plus has a small store in Mesa Arizona selling only diapers and related supplies. Adult bibs somehow fit into this category... Another Tranquility retailer, Lifestyle Medical in San Angelo, TX, also sells only adult diapers. I recommend both stores for Tranquility products (don't usually recommend Tranquility products...).

    At Comfort Plus, I told her I was running low while travelling and needed to purchase diapers for myself. The person respected my dignity and did her best to help me select the correct products from their inventory. In the little store, it took about 20 minutes for the purchase when at a department store I would have been in and out in under 5. This is what I expect when going to a small specialty store; stationary stores do the same thing. They cannot compete on price, so they compete with excellent customer service. For us, we do not want that; we spent hours researching and reading reviews ahead of time and know exactly what we want. However, listening to a store clerk is how I discovered Molicare Super's and Plus's years ago.

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    With me I just got used to buying them at stores during off-hours. Basically not a lot of people around, for me it's not so bad since the area with diapers is in the back of the store I frequent, so not a lot of pressure. I just go in and look for whichever brand I want and go pay for it in under five minutes. The faster you find the product and buy it, the better.

    Anyway I never get asked questions when searching, probably since I do the quick approach to buying. Usually I get the "did you find everything alright?" from the cashier every now and again, I always respond with a "yes". Sometimes I even make small talk about the weather, hehe. Just play it cool, you'll be good.

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    I used to get nervous when I went into any store, not it is a part of life that I need special supplies to cope with, so the nervous factor is gone, more embarassed to be buying them at 45, but I don't let it phase me. Never had a clerk say anything in the way of a comment or such, they have all done their job, and I leave, no muss no fuss. Early in the moring or 15 minutes to closing time is the quietest and least amout of people around if it bothers you. Some actually know me now after so many years of buying there, ans whichever store has the sale on when I need to restock gets my business, it's not a cheap affliction to pay for!

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    Ive just never seen a reason to be nervous. People of all ages can need diapers and who really cares anyhow? I just go in and buy them. Yes ive been asked a few questions in the past, but if badgered i just admit im a kinkster. Trust me, theyve seen it before and it doesnt phase them in the least. I even had a guy said that it was refreshingly honest to actually admit that.

    Then again ive always wondered why people were nervous to buy things like condoms and lube. Like theyre someohow embarassed that others will know they plan to have fun.

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    Hello everybody!

    Starting from the beginning, yes: Every single time I get extremely nervous when buying diapers, the pleasure and the joy of getting them are multiplied exponentially.

    Now after viewing all answers, I'd like to split these "annoyances" in two very different common fears:

    1. Fear of being discovered

    This is the usual i'm-nervous-buying-diapers feeling. I think this is pretty normal, and is as inevitable as usual. It is not like "well, I'm outside my city, there is almost no chance to being discovered", because there is not such pure realisation. I mean: Everyone of us go through a series of stages that would range from expectation to panic with excitement, anxiety, and many other stages surely between the first two. It's pretty common to lose control and the anxiety may kick in the worst moment.

    Let's put this way: I'm outside my city. I go full of joy to buy diapers, then go out, and with me being unable to help it, someone goes in front of me in a bus. And recognizes me. And sees my diapers. Many of you may see this as out of all proportion, but (despite I don't live precisely in a small city) I've met relatives, friends or acquaintances at the most creative places. That kind of experiences feed the fear of being discovered. What does this mean? Well, the equation is very simple: Someone recognizes me -> That someone asks me about my business -> I answer my pre-recorded fake story -> Now I'm under the risk that everything (me buying diapers, the fake story, everything) would reach a very close relative to me.

    Now, most of us know that there is no need to talk about our diaper stuff to relatives (even in several threads here, many of you gave as a common advice not do it!), the least if they are close ones. So what is the need to expose myself to uncover my business in a bad way?

    2. Fear to reveal our secret to the clerk/cashier in front of us (which was this thread about).
    This is almost simpler: If we reveal our secret to any employee in a store/pharmacy/whatever, there is a slight probability to get caught (see 1.). But there is something before: To face someone in order to tell this thruth. Yes, I know, there is no need to do it.. But I'm pretty sure that none of us are so fantastic actors that could make up stories or play extremely cool at the first attempt. That was precisely why I made this thread: To try to get inspiration, to try to know how to calm down myself.

    @suede said that he would reveal he was a kinkster. Well, over there the ABDL community is absoluterly unknown. There is almost no chance to say openly "oh yes, I use them because they give me pleasure" without someone calling the police :p (alright alright I'm joking but you get the idea). If I do a little google search with the simple term 'abdl', 99% of results are from US (please, correct me if I'm wrong more than 20%), so I would linearly think that in US chances are, that if you reveal you're a kinkster, they simply look at you as if you were buying condoms and lube.

    A little disclaimer: As you may notice, english is not my mother tongue. It wasn't my intention to sound rude, so I would like to thank you in advance if you can point me where I'm off the limits.
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    The fear for me was once extreme but now I find it kind of fun. It's kind of like a challenge - scary and exciting at the same time. It's like going on a mission. I know a lot of people so the first thing I do is scope the place to make sure there is nobody I know in there. Then I inspect the checkout line - if it is long then I browse for a while until it is shorter - there's nothing worse than standing in line for 10 minutes with a pack of diapers in hand. I go late at night and make sure I can park close to the door so I don't have to walk across the parking lot too far with the diapers. Then I move in for the kill working quickly and efficiently. I really do find it a thrill these days. And the worst checkout conversation I ever had went like this (I was buying two large packs)....
    Ckeck-out guy: 'Boy, when you need these, you really need them.'
    Me: 'Yep, sure do.'
    But what makes me giggle (and a little nervous) is when they say with a smile 'Have a great evening.' I think, 'Oh my God, they know'. But of course, in reality, they have no idea how much fun I'm really going to have!
    It really wasn't that bad.

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