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    what is the longest you have gone in one diaper with out changing. i wanted to se just how many wettings a bambino teddy could hold so i been in it all day, i have had 12 wettings though i am extremly wet and as of now messed i have to say it is an impressive diaper. just hit the 24hr mark and ill add an extra 15 to 30 min as that is my limit for a messed diaper but maybe 1 more wetting.

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    I really envy you. Here there is no chance to get Bambinos (I think I could get some Abena M4s, but there aren't always in stock). The longest I've been in a wet diaper I think that no more than a couple of hours. Besides of "how much I can stand" a wet diaper, there is the absorbency issue: Yesterday for example, trying a new brand, I peed my bed a bit. I've handled the situation, but the little absorbency led me to a change in less than half hour.

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    I wore an abena M4 for over 12 hours, probably close to 18 or so. What I did/do was/is get home from work get cleaned up, diaper up, wear all night and to bed and wet when i have to, goto sleep wet wake up pee, and go about my day until either its full or i have to do something. but so i have put one on at 12am b4 and worn until 6-7pm maybe later.

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    Well I use bambino teddies myself and I stayed in one a whole 24 hours myself but I had very few wettings so I could have stayed in it longer but something came up so I had to change out of it before I could actually test how long it'd last for me.

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    yikes?! 24+ hours in a single diaper...

    you'd probably have to chain me up, point a gun at me and threaten to rape my dog... before I'd ever do that...

    max for me... well that usually is over night - for how long I usually sleep (which tends to be a bit too less as of recent... too much work - ;/)

    Aside from that during the day I change frequently... I don't like to feel like a truck-stop toilet.
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    My overnight diaper is long enough. I put it on around 9:00 pm and wet shortly after I got in bed. I'm still in it and will take it off in a few minutes. I would say it totals about 10 hrs.

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    Often 12-13 hours, I like to diaper up about 7:00pm and wear it for the evening and bed until I wake up around 08:00am. Tend to have clumped a bit by then though, and smelly.

    I wore an Abena M4 on a 13 hour flight once, putting it on an hour before and taking it off about 90 mins afterwards when I got to my hotel. It was soaked to almost leaking, and very clumpy when I took my jeans off.

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    I tested a Fabine when they first came out, 24 hours was no way near long enough to soak it, I made it 30 hours before it smelled too bad to continue.

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    Normal for me is about 10-12 hours, but I use a good layer of rash cream all over, and have never had an issue, I hate having to change in the middle of the night, I need the sleep more so I add a stuffer to get thru to the morning. Bu then it is about saturated, maybe 75-80 percent, then off to the shower.

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    Not to be a dick, but seriously, I don't get it. Just seems disgusting and unnecessary to me.

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