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Thread: Best video games to play when regressed?

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    Default Best video games to play when regressed?

    I'm curious. I hear big ups from games such as Little Big Planet but I never got my hands on it. What are some other video games that might situate you in the little mindset?

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    Hmm I enjoy pokemon, helps me get into the mindset, although I guess the effect varies from person to person

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    Little Big Planet is a great one, you can even dress your sack person like a baby! I think any E rated game really is good to play to make you feel younger. Lego games are good.

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    I would say depending on what age you're regression is, you can have fun with some educational games made for toddlers or preschoolers, some even have a password protection so you can be safe and unable to get back on the desktop until mommy or daddy type the password...

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    Even though I was never alive when the NES and Super Mario bros was released, I still own one and that game and have it set up. I think the bright colors, pixels, and lack of violence (except squishing mushrooms) would be a nice thing to play when regressed

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    Well i was alive when the NES came out. The first 3 mario games are simple, fun, always put me into a Little mood when i play them. Its easy for me to imagine being Little when im playing them.

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    Lego games are great! Also there is a video game based off the GiJoe movies, i have a lot of fun with that one too

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    Since regression for me is about going back to my childhood rather than baby years, I just play any game that will set me up with a nostalgic blast from the past. Almost any nintendo 64, super nintendo or playstation 1 game that I played as a kid will do it.

    Honestly I don't think any one game can be the 'best' game for regression. It's all about self-perception and what makes you feel all giddy on the inside like a little kid gets when they rent a new game.

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