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Thread: I want some cute diapers!

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    Default I want some cute diapers!

    So, as the title suggests, I want to get some cute diapers. This will be my first time ever wearing a diaper for a while. I had a thing for them was I was 12, then it kinda died out. As of yesterday, it came back full swing.

    Now, my problem is: I don't know where to get the diapers I want, and if they'll fit. I'm a 24yo male 6'3" 260lbs I'm not exactly tiny . I've seen pictures of guys/girls wearing spiderman/princess etc pampers, huggies, pullups and I wonder if I myself will actually fit into them. So, can anyone help me out here. Is there some diapers with some cute designs that I can get off the shelf that will fit me? I have a 36" waist.

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    You have zero chance of fitting into anything you can buy with cute prints in a store. You're going to have to order online or settle without.

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    Yeah I'm gonna have to agree with him there's no chance you'll be able to fit in them you'll have to order them online

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    What do you guys suggest I buy? I have found bambino and abuniverse. Who has the better fitment and designs? Being someone my size sucks

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    You should fit into a medium of either without any problem if you're truly a 36 waist. That's what I am, but I'm shorter than you by about 4 inches.

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