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    OK, Sooooooooo...... probably against my better judgement, I just recently came out to most of my friends under a secured FaceBook page. I knew what the risks were when I decided to put this all in place, but I was told to do something I never though I'd be told; one of my close friends (A female in her 40s) told me told me to feel free to be myself. Now, while being an adult baby is something I am, how does one "be themselves?"

    Here's what I mean by this: I can only let my baby side free when I'm ether behind closed doors or in private with those that know or join. Anything other than that, I'm *always* in my adult persona. I don't believe in throwing ABDL in anyone's face, but I just cannot imagine being told to do just that.

    Even while having the permission to do it around her, is it weird that I still find it awkward? I just think that even though we live in a better time for social acceptance, ABDL hasn't really met that full potential, and honestly I'm not sure if it ever could.

    Maybe one day.

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    Are you sure she meant 'Be an adult baby around me" rather than "Be an adult baby in private while I politely don't judge you."

    Like, when I've had gay friends come out to me, I'm like, "That's cool be yourself!" And what I mean is, date whoever you want to date, marry whoever you want to marry, I'll be happy to hang out with you and your partner, be gay and proud, I love you as you are. I'm not like, "Feel free to have gay sex while I watch!"

    Maybe this is the equivalent then, like, she won't scoff if she sees a plushie or a pacifier is left laying around the house. But maybe don't dress up as a baby in front of her. Are you sure that's what she was suggesting, is my main question?

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    i do have to agree with Frogsy on this one. I came out about the ABDL aspect to one of my friends so he knows that i prefer to wear diapers. He was fine with it as well and said to just be myself. However, even when he is over to visit the most i will do is wear a diaper under my clothes. I still do attempt to conceal that I'm wearing and i don't make it blatantly obvious. But if my shirt rides up or i crinkle a little bit and he sees/hears then it isn't a huge issue.

    The thought of actually dressing up as a baby in front of him is something that i find a bit weird and i think it would make everything awkward. Its clear that he has accepted that part of me (as there have been times where he has pulled my shirt up joking about my abs (or should i say the lack of abs as i don't work out at all) and the top of my diaper was showing above my pants. He does occasionally poke fun at me about being a baby but nothing out of the norm like we usually say to each other.

    Really, as frogsy has said, people can accept that part of you and say be yourself but that doesn't mean you have to do everything you would normally do behind closed doors at home when they are around. It just means that if you slip into little mode or things that related to your ABDL side are slightly visible then its not like they will have questions about why you have those sorts of things.

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    I went back to re-read it and it was meant as "if around her." I replied back that it was a rather complicated matter, I only feel comfortable enough to do it ether in my own privacy or around like minded people. Other than that, my "adult" side keeps my "baby" side heavily guarded at all times.

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    This is a personal part of you, Ebonybaby. You don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. She should respect that. But you have to give her credit for trying to get you to open up to her. Doesn't mean you have to indulge in her wishes but at least tell her you appreciate the reassurance.

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