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Thread: Frequency of visits to Adisc

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    Default Frequency of visits to Adisc

    How often do you check adisc? I personally check it as often as my email, if i'm in a private enough environment. I pretty much check adisc religiously.

    Edit: Sorry about the grammar on the poll, i don't know how to go back and fix it.

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    You missed one...

    I usually hit this site everyday, but am nor religious about it...and miss some days if I'm too busy...

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    Im on adisc from 9AM - 6PM Monday thru Friday. Im usually not on weekends unless its on my phone through tapatalk, but since its a hassle for me to type on the phone most of the time, and since my weekends usually are eventful, i tend to only be on ADISC at work during the work week. Sometimes at school when im bored during the week.

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    I check in off and on from the time I get up till I go to bed seven days a week.

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    Sometimes daily, sometimes a few times a week.
    No set time, just kind of random when I do.

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    um its set as an app tab in firefox so i technicly visit everytime my browser opens which is multiple times a day as for checking it maybe once or twice a day unless im am super bored then its every 20 min

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    Daily, but I'm a huge lurker. So I won't post daily.
    It's my daily reminder that it's okay to be who I am :p

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    I've been visiting this site daily since I first joined, unless somethings happens and I'm unable to, I'll always find time to come on here :3

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    I usually visit daily but it's not like I post daily at all? I don't really consider it 'religiously' visiting because like... it's just one of the sites I throw open to see what's happening. I open tumblr, I open adisc, I open my email, I open certain blogs, etc. etc...

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    I typically post daily, and because I have access to the full site on my phone, I never have to go without unless I don't have service.
    I've also set it up so that I recieve email notification when anyone posts on a thread I'm subscribed to.

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