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Thread: The Pope

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    Default The Pope

    Hello Guys.

    Just wondering how ADISC people think about our current pope, Benedict XVI.

    Personally, I don't like it.
    Maybe because I have an Atheist eye, I have to say that he pissed me off many time with his reasoning like a middle-age man.

    A person who claims to be symbol of peace and equality, continues to attacks Homosexual with the idiotic excuse of being "against nature" and Transgender because they wants to be what they aren't.
    Again, he doesn't likes other religions too and his word are full of hypocrisy.

    list of why I don't like it is really long, but hope you accept it as a good explaination for what I think.

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    The Pope?

    Old, decrepit and full of traditionalist beliefs.

    So no.

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    Fortunately he doesn't affect me all that much. Although to be a Religious and significant leader in the world there are certain things I don't care for him to speak for the rest of Christianity.

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    im not sure i really have an opinion on him, so i probably shouldn't be posting. But since im really not super into religion and im not really an atheist so im kinda in the apathetic middle ground..

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    The Pope speaks for Catholics, specifically, not Christians.

    (But lets not get into that debate again, inky)

    As for me, I have to say I don't pay attention to the pope much.

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    Yeah, I don't really like him either, mostly for his attacks on Homosexuals and transgendered folks.

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    Thats the problem with having a Pope too, because even though I'm Catholic, my church has absolutely no problem with Gays, (not too sure about transgendered.)

    Yet we're Catholic, just like the pope. I just don't get how if they're the same thing, they could have different views.

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    I am baptist so really the pope holds no power over me. I also started to think, why do I need anyone to become a middle man for me and god?

    It's actually that reason why I stopped going to church, though the main reason for that was I think some of the people who go to "worship" are WAY to smug about it. I don't see why you can't worship god in your own way, in your own home, your own bedroom or your own mind.

    Even the head pastor at my church says this "Going to church doesn't mean you will get into heaven, just like being in a garage does not make you a car."

    Or even as the fictional Tyler Durdan said "Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken."

    I don't like the pope, but at the same time I don't know him at all. So I am pretty much indifferent to him and any other religious leaders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abigail View Post
    The Pope speaks for Catholics, specifically, not Christians.

    (But lets not get into that debate again, inky)

    As for me, I have to say I don't pay attention to the pope much.
    No I don't want to get into the debate, but just need to point out that Catholics are Christians and being the leader of the largest Christian organization in the world, other religions of the world look toward the Pope as the spoke person for all of Christianity.

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