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Thread: Huh. Best support group EVER!

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    Hey you all. Im a closet DL and have been sine i "grew out"(snrrt.) of diapers. I found myself commin' here for moral support and brand intel quite a bit for a year now. Sooooo. Laying in bed in a pair of goodnites(a nerve wracking purchase for a busy local safeway btw), i figg'rd im felling about ready to share (if even somewhat anonymously) with other like mind peeps who wont make me feel sodamn weird about it :P
    ALL that aside! In my other life Im an avid adventure sports enthusiast and an eager scrambled artist of the paint and pencil variety. As far as work, im looking to sell my art online as well as illustrate like a pro but to pay the bills in the meantime im a landscaper and general construction monkey. Hope my big hellooo was sufficient. Happy to chat but bear in mind, im still a little gunshy, haha.

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    Welcome Jbdl a good intro. Look around and join in some of the fun.

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    If you're gunshy then I'm absolutely petrified, not of you, but of stepping out of line

    Well done on the Safeway shopping. I bet that was scary! Worth it though eh?

    A fellow artist! What medium do you use and what's you're favourite colour. I use oils and love Pthalo Green. If you've got any tips on how to get that picture out of your head and onto the canvas I'd appreciate all the advice you can give. I'm not very good at painting, although I really enjoy doing it. But my even stick men look like road kill!

    Take care of yourself

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    hi Rani...I enjoy your posts...keep it up! your excursion into this is most interesting, I agree.

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