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    I can't be the only one that plays arma 3. Am I?

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    I don't crave that much realism so I stick to BF4 on PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1tt3ncatch3r View Post
    I can't be the only one that plays arma 3. Am I?
    ive been wanting to but it comes down to money i have 3 consoles and a PC and my monthly game budget has to be split between the systems and with my 360 and PC having the most games plus the release of the two new consoles, they are on the back burner for now. my next step is xbox one then ps4 then ill be back to buying games for PC

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    Ah, I love Arma 3!

    According to Steam, I've only played about 120 hours XD So I'm a bit of a newbie

    So cool to see someone on here that plays!

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    I'm a casual Arma2 player, if there is such a thing, and have been following the franchise since the days of the original Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis - I'm too terrible to be un-casual at this point. I keep missing the random Arma3 sales, so I haven't made the investment, but it is definitely on my 'must buy' list.

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    I bought Arma II during the Steam Summer Sale this year, but I don't play that much. I have ~20 hours into it, but that's all in the scenario editor, just messing around in the maps, doing some sniping, etc.

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