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Thread: Almost got found out!

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    Default Almost got found out!

    I'd left my plastic pants on the shower head to dry, a couple of mates (Vanilla), came round for a chat, one went to go to the bathroom, I remembered they where there, so I excused myself and rushed past him at the bottom of the stairs , said I'd not flushed the toilet, did he believe me, who knows.
    I flushed the toilet to play along and threw the pants into my room, a narrow escape. hehehe

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    I once left a pair of plastic pants on the rack inside the shower, since I take them into the shower with me to rinse hem off if they get urine on them, and didn't remember them until after my mom (or sister, I can't remember) went in to use the toilet. They were on the side of the wall that she would have been looking right at while sitting on the toilet, but I don't think she noticed them. As it was just clear vinyl, I suppose it could have easily been mistaken for a shower cap hung over the small rail, or maybe it's just one of those things that doesn't stand out and you don't notice if your not expecting to find it.

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    Awkward if one of them ended up using it as a shower cap. Unhygenic AND ineffective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshClement View Post
    Awkward if one of them ended up using it as a shower cap. Unhygenic AND ineffective.
    The two holes on the "top" of it would really work well as a shower cap.

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    I also had a “left plastic pants on shower head" adventure. One day I hung a pair on the shower head to dry before going to work. When I came back they were gone. Looked everywhere, didn't make sense. That evening the landlady calls to inform me she had showed the apartment in my absence. She didn't say and I didn't dare ask. Couple hours later I found them stuffed under the bed covers. Often wonder what she thought.

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    i remember i left a few diapers under my bed once and these 3 incidents happened to me:

    1. my cousins came to sleep over and took the spare bed out from under my bed, revealing my diapers underneath (never heard a word of it from anyone)

    2. My friends came over to visit and a weird couple of friends decided to "chill" under my bed, on their stomachs, facing directly my large stash of ABU diapers.

    3. my mom cleaned out my room and it donned upon her to clean out under my bed, where she then found my diapers and confronted me to which i denied and SURPRISINGLY never heard of it again lol.

    It was at this point that i realized, under my bed is SO not a good hiding spot.... So I hid it all in my closet and never got found out again -_- in the most obvious place was where i found solace lol

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    A few times i have forgotten my cloth diaper pins in the shower. Surprisingly no body has said anything, but i think it is because pretty much everyone here already knows. Or maybe they are to short to see where i put them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    The two holes on the "top" of it would really work well as a shower cap.
    Maybe it's made for people with three heads, but only want to wash to of them.

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    I left some plastic pants under the towels on the floor, to hide them while I was showering after cleaning them. I forgot them and only remembered the next day which was too late.
    My mother found them. I was 18 at the time, I should have put my foot down and say she can't dispose of my stuff, but I didn't =/ Only now them I am 28 have I gotten 3 more pairs.

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