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Thread: Choosing the best 10" Tablet for under 200/$300

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    Default Choosing the best 10" Tablet for under 200/$300

    I'm after a 10" ish tablet, to be used mainly for surfing, watching movies, and few word documents, any ideas. Thanks
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    I personally don't own one, but my boss loves his Galaxy. I think he has the 2.

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    I'll throw in a vote for the "Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1" , I received mine last Christmas, it's a very solid piece of equipment and I use mine for exactly what you describe. The newer tab 3 was released, and that may be in your price range.

    It's a very durable tablet, of course it's recommended you get a case for it, but it feels solid in your hands. I recently bought a blue tooth keyboard for mine that also acts as an aluminum case. I bought the keyboard so that I would be able to write some documents up for school, as typing on a tablet gets a bit tedious for longer documents. 16gb of space on mine is enough for what I need, I have a lot of apps and I use my tablets quite a bit for watching video, never had a hitch with it.

    Overall, this tablet is very good for the price. I would avoid the Ipad, they are solid systems from a software standpoint, but apple always milks everyone for every cent...

    There are a few tablets floating around in the $99 CAD range, I believe the brand Lenovo is producing them now. Their laptops are solid for the price , so these tablets might also be very good. They are worth checking out, but I'm not really sure of the specs other than they 16gb.

    I've also heard good things about the google tablets, though I have no personal experiences with those.


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    Honestly, if you're looking at a tablet for watching movies, I'd say screen resolution is quite important.
    Just as well for ordinary web browsing: screen real estate (pixels) matter.
    there's the galaxy Tab 3... which is quite decent... I don't really like the white large bezel around the thing, also it's resolution isn't completely thrilling at 800x1280 - but it's not bad either.
    But it's other specs are quite decent and should fit your bill..
    Also it's available for around 300$

    Aside from this...
    I'd suggest setting aside a bit more cash ... for about 400$ you're in the market for a google nexus 10,...
    The Nexus 10 is quite a powerhouse... 2590x1600 10"display with 300ppi... that thing is tack sharp and quite brilliant.
    Aside from this it does almost everything but the morning coffee...
    Price to Value ratio is really high with this, ... in this price range, it's by far at the moment the most interesting option in terms features... also it runs plain android without any crappy modifications.

    I'd say if you only occasionally plan to use the tablet, go with something cheaper and last year's tech.
    But if you plan to use this frequently definitely invest a bit more and get something up-to-date.

    I've just upgraded from the iPad mini to the iPad-Air... as I've been using the pad more and more on the road instead of the notebook...
    and damn... it's nice.

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    Thanks for the feed back, think I've decided on the Galaxy Tab 2 or 3, depending on how frivolous I'm being at the time of purchase.

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    I've got iPads and they work great...never an issue...

    I've been looking at the nexus lately, just to try it...but, the iPads are so solid...

    In your price range, maybe an older iPad...?

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