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Thread: Strangest occasion to be diapered

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    Default Strangest occasion to be diapered

    What is the strangest place or occasion you have been diapered in?

    I can't think of one myself because I really don't want anyone to find out.

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    A swimming pool- When I was 14 or so, I lived in a complex in Hong Kong, mainly with other British people. This complex had a swimming pool and I dangerously went into the pool out-of-hours at night and jumped into the pool with a Tena Slip on. The feeling was amazing but the diaper swelled up big time, to the point where I was waddling out of the pool. I only did this once and I never got caught, but it was a very risky but fun thing to do. I will probably never have the chance to do such a thing ever again and I just grabbed the opportunity.

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    I can't recall being diapered on any strange occasions. Granted, I do live on my own, so privacy isn't an issue for me. I do wear diapers in public, but it isn't like people can somehow see through my pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny456 View Post
    What is the strangest place or occasion you have been diapered in?

    I can't think of one myself because I really don't want anyone to find out.
    When I got lasered on my legs and underarms. There were two young females in the room as well and was told to take my pants and shirt off (there was a changing room at least). Luckly I had my PUL cover over a classico so all they saw was white cover. It was definitely interesting.

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    Well the strangest.. perhaps being at the hospital while diapered. My Little had an allergic reaction and her tongue started to swell late one night. I was already in bed and diapered, she was in her my little pony pajamas and of course diapered. We went to the hospital and they wanted her pants off, for some reason and well.. yeah, a fat nurse got to see my daughter in her MLP top, a wet diaper and the pink plastic snap cover.

    Despite being a bit embarassed, it was super cute. Yeah we were both exposed as diaper lovers, but the doctor was really cool about it. He thought we both were incontinent from using some kind of drug but i just explained to him that were just kinky and like to wear them. He actually admired our honesty and that we didnt lie.

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    I was shooting pool on the table at my apartment complex with a friend one day and I had made the decision to go diapered, He already knows about it and actually is on here too. I was in a bellissimo and it was crinkling enough... we both could hear it when another person walked into the room asking if we had just gotten there or not. We let her play and I was quite nervous.

    it's either that story or playing ice hockey in a girl's goodnite diaper.

    I wore the diaper under my compression shorts so hopefully no-one would notice... but i feared when i was removing the cup from the shorts, i may have exposed the top of the diaper... no-one said a thing tho so I'm not worried about it.

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    One time I was getting ready for bed (about 2am) when one of my friends shows up at my door in her pajamas and asks me to go on a walk with her. We spent about an hour walking the bike trails around here, her in a nightgown and me in pajama bottoms, a tee shirt, and a pretty thick cloth diaper.

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    Edit :

    Almost forgot! I did wear a diaper to a wedding once! That was...stressful. :s
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    I wore one while biking. Thought it would be more comfortable than biking shorts sadly it's not

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    Nothing too strange that I can think of. I went with my parents, and my Aunt to church which I normally won't do. We also went to lunch, and the to Mernards. Just about everyone had to go to the bathroom at some point except me. Luckily we were not out too much longer because I left my diaper bag at home so no one would ask what was in it. I would have just go in my diaper but as I was being dropped off I had fully wet myself. Was not too exciting lol.

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