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Thread: So, What's a Good First 'Real' Diaper?

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    Default So, What's a Good First 'Real' Diaper?

    I'm sure a saw a thread on this a year ago, but I just can't find it.

    Basically I've not been able to indulge in my little side for over year now, previously I have used Underjams, Drynites (Goodnites) and Tena & Depends 'pull up' type things. Now it's time for me to get some real diapers, but there is just SO much choice, I don't know where to start.

    Like how absorbent should I buy? Should I get the most absorbent or get one in the middle - really I want to know can I wear it, give it a bit of a wetting and not be waddling about or have a massive bulge. Then what brand, I'm down to Tena Slip, Abena M-series and Molicare - I know Tena you get more in the bag, but how much space does that take up as it has to fit in my rucksack in my under-bed storage.

    Also is plastic backed really that much better? ultimately I am going for the stealthiest option, but stealth isn't much use if it's going to leak - that said I don't keep diapers on for long once I've used them as I'm too scared about potential stale urine smell.

    So, what is a good starting point?

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    Plastic backed are going to be the better choice for extended wear through the day as the moisture won't instantly work its way outward starting with the first wetting. To that end most people seem to start out with Depends or Attends since they're thin enough to wear under most regular clothes. If you're anything like me and want to say Goodbye to bathrooms then Abena M4/L4. It's a matter of personal choice so you may end up experimenting with various brands of diapers but those are basically the spectrum, from ultra-thin to almost babylike thick

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    Abena M3's would likely be the best. M4's were super thick when I've tried em but they were "x-plus" back then.

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    The issue with cloth backed is that they have poor odor control and also tend to get sort of damp and clammy on the outside.

    You really can't go wrong with the plastic backed varieties of abena, tena, or molicare. Of those, the absorbency is about the same. Tena is the thinnest and most expensive. Abena would allow you to get M3 or M2 if you wanted less bulk (M3 has almost as much "real world" absorbency as M4 imo). Molicare is the softest, and also wicks extremely well. The wicking is nice because it means that even if the diaper has less capacity on paper, you'll be able to use the entire diaper as long as you don't flood it. Its also nice because it makes it easier to tell when to change (basically as soon as the back starts feeling damp). This as opposed to abenas which I often found myself having to change with the back completely dry and the front soaked.

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    If you're going for taped diapers for the first time, something cloth-backed with velcro tapes is a good idea. I still struggle with getting tape placement right, even though I've worn half a pack of CVS fitted briefs. Those are very forgiving, but If you want to use them, put a goodnite or underjam (with holes in) on first as a stuffer, because they lack leak guards. I know that this isn't any of the brands you are interested in but it's good to have some practice diapers for your first go.

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    Abena M3 or Tena Slips. They're all going to bulge in proportion to the amount of fluid you put into them. Sap Swells more at the sight of the wet, where higher fiber count spread thew wet out more, but it's still the same amount of liquid going in.


    Cloth backed seap moisture out and smell. Plastic backed can make noise, but are often easier to conceal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayley View Post
    Plastic backed can make noise, but are often easier to conceal.
    A pair of underwear on over top solves the noise issue.

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    You should just go all out and buy some Bambinos. You've already went through the starter diapers. Now you should go into the higher class.

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    My two cents...

    24/7's but out of production right now...

    So, abena m4 or l4...maybe molicare's...

    They both have thier place...I use molicare during the day...they wick better and I can usually change easily...abena at bedtime...they hold more and are ticker and stiffer which isn't great for walking...if I'm in my wheelchair then abena's there too...

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    As a relatively new DL in a country where foreign products are not only rare but highly expensive, I've got to be creative and try several brands to not only experiment and enjoy my DL side, but to know what are the options I've left and how to achieve best results.

    Of course, if you can go for the big ones, go for them without hesitation. Nevertheless, I'd recommend to try every brand available (you may want to stick to a price to match a standard) until you'll be able to find that which matches your taste.

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