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Thread: I greet you, people of the internet.

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    Default I greet you, people of the internet.

    Hey! The name's Ashton. Feel free to call me Ash.

    I've actually been visiting this site for quite a while and my not joining earlier was thanks in no small part to my general inability to ascertain the method of joining, rather than any element of shyness.

    I very much defy the stereotype of generation Y being naturally good with computers which, despite not being by choice, I feel is something to be proud of.

    When I'm not wearing diapers or speaking in an unnecessarily complicated manner, I'm usually writing music on one of the instruments I play, rehearsing with my band, or playing some kind of sport that doesn't involve the lower body doing anything other than running.

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    Welcome to the forums, Ash! I also lurked around this site for some time before I finally decided to join.

    Which instruments do you play?

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    Thanks. Good to be here. I started out with piano when I was four, and a few years ago I just decided to go out and buy everything I've ever wanted to learn and had a few lessons on the basics for each, and then I just carried on teaching myself. There really isn't anything you can't learn on youtube.

    So other than piano, I play bass, electric/acoustic guitar, drums, saxophone, and I've been having singing lessons for a few years now.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for the welcome, Egor. Does the cat in your picture thingo belong to you?

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    Hi Ash! Welcome to ADISC! I am a DL from Hong Kong. Into diaper 24/7. Using TENA or ABENA!

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    Welcome to Adisc, Ash!

    I can't keep myself from imagining a voice with a very marked British accent classily reading your intro...

    Your dedication to music is certainly commendable, I could easily horrify you by saying that in my living room there's a piano that no one has been playing for 20 years or so. But at least in one thing you don't defy the stereotype of generation Y, if you rely on youtube for teaching yourself new instruments.

    So from your intro one should assume you don't take advantage of diapers while composing music (and avoid speaking while doing so, although this would be quite logical). Is my assumption correct?

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    Hi there Ash, I'm Madeline. Welcome to ADISC.

    What instruments do you play? I used to play bass and want to start again, and I want to learn piano. I have ideas for songs I want to write but never get to put them on paper.

    You should write a song about being a DL, haha.

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    Hey man, good to meet you!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I don't know about classy, but yes I do have a british accent. If you want to imagine something close to my voice just think "British, male Daria". And I've never tried writing music in a diaper. Do you think it would help?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hey Maddie. I play piano, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, drums, and saxophone. And I sing R&B / soul / jazz. You should get back into playing bass. Nothing cooler than a female bassist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshClement View Post
    I don't know about classy, but yes I do have a british accent. If you want to imagine something close to my voice just think "British, male Daria". And I've never tried writing music in a diaper. Do you think it would help?
    I'll have to google for the non translated version of Daria. Here in Italy we get everything dubbed, y'know, we're linguistically lazy xD

    I'd say it just depends whether wearing diapers allows you to concentrate more on your tasks because you can avoid toilet breaks, or ruins your concentration because you get more focused on the diaper than on what you're doing.

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    I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

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