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Thread: Joked or Offered Diapers When Young

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    Default Joked or Offered Diapers When Young

    So when you were younger. Were you ever Offered or had people joke around about diapering you. I can think of several times I was offered them but was too nervous.

    my First one when we were on family Vacation when I was 4. My Parents offered or half threatened to diaper me the next night after I wet the bed.

    I know my Aunt operates a Daycare and several times to the daycare kids made the joke "should we diaper Josh" I really wish I would of said yes but I know I never did. this aunt now knows about the Diapers and said if I really wanted too back then she would of. on occasion if I am in the area now she will let me take a couple of goodnites.

    After my parents got divorced I know my father went out with someone who also operated a daycare. she also joked to the kids about diapering me I do remember coming back with, "I bet you don't have any that would fit me" and her saying. she was joking. I would of let her if she officially offered.

    I have dated a few females where there moms operate daycares and same thing diaper references and me in them.

    I know all of these instances other then the first on when on Vacation I actually have taken diapers from them without them knowing.

    Anybody else?

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    Well, I wouldn't call this a joke or an offer.. but does anyone remember that episode of Malcolm in the Middle when Dewey wears a diaper?

    Well back when I was 12 or 13, I had been caught with diapers in my bedroom by my mother, she found my stash of Tena Slips that I kept in my cupboard. She disapproved big time of my secret diaper stash. About a week later after this incident, I was watching TV with her, and that episode of Malcolm in the Middle came up. When the Dewey "Are you wearing a diaper?!" diaper scene happened I just died inside, and I felt like I just wanted to disappear right there right now.

    After that scene, my mother said "You better not be hiding any nappies in your room again" and started nagging me about the topic. It's hard to be a DL at that age. She wasn't joking about the topic either. My mum hated the fact I had diapered desires.

    Found the clip!

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    I have been wet at night since I was born. All my aunts and cousins know and my mom and my aunts have all diapered me for bed and changed me in the morning. I do it myself now but they know. They can see my diapers and plastic pants under my pajamas. They call it robb's bubble butt.

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    I was put back in diapers at 7 for im guessing a few weeks. When I was 11 I was threatend with them by my moms then boyfriend, but never wore them. Then at 15 I tried to be a forced into them by messing my pants and wetting my bed for like a week and my stepmom threatened diapers, but once again, it didnt happen. At 19 I started buying my own depend diapers at the store.

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    It wasn't exactly a joke/threat, but there was one occasion back when I was a kid when my mom, brother and myself ended up having to stay the night at my grandmas place because of a really bad snowstorm.

    I don't exactly remember who suggested it, but when the issue came up of not having any sort of clean clothes to wear the rest of the night (we had just been visiting for the evening at first) someone ended up finding a whole stash of diapers and pull ups in a closet somewhere. That night, from the time our clothes were thrown in the washer at around 7PM or so, my mom/grandma ended up convincing us to wear diapers/pull ups in the meantime, including to bed.

    Neither of us needed them at that age, but I do remember I got some ancient retro Mickey Mouse pull ups that actually fit perfectly, and my brother got some sort of tape on diaper (although I have no idea what brand they were). I always thought of this as possibly being the trigger for the whole abdl thing, because I can distinctly remember the whole thing being a sort of crazy, funny adventure at the time, for both me and my bro, and not the horrible embarrassing experience that I had assumed it would be.

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    I can remember clearly, when I was four years old, I was running through the house saying, for some reason, "Dah-dah, dah-dah." My mom kept telling me to knock it off and stop acting like a baby, but I kept saying it. Finally she said that if I didn't stop, she was going to put me back in diapers, and if I thought she was kidding, she still had my diapers. The light bulb moment came, and I realized I would have loved to be in diapers, but we were having company that night, and I didn't want to be embarrassed, so I stopped. But I believe that started my forever wanting diapers. I wrote about this in my story for this site, "Coffee Stop". Some day I'll re-post it to Finished Stories.

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    I was never joked about being put back into diapers. I was at the hospital getting my tonsils taken out. I was 6 years old and of course nerves and scared. Then I wet the bed one night. The nurse told me that, "I can't have you in a wet bed." She said, "Do you know what this is?" I said, "A Diaper." And she said, "Yes, its a diaper that will keep you dry at night." Then she said, "Do you want a wet bed or a dry bed?" I said, "A dry bed." Then she said, "Lets put this diaper on you ok?" I said, "OK". I was back in diapers again for the whole week when I was at the hospital.

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    I remember one time when I was six or seven and my uncle was visiting us with his family. They had just given birth to my cousin and one time when he was getting a change my uncle asked me "When was the last time you got a change?" I hesitated a bit and replied "Umm... I can't remember." It was followed with a "You can't remember? Then we really should change you as well. *my uncle's wife's name here* do we have a spare diaper for Sara?"

    His wife nodded and handed over one but it was never put on me and I didn't dare to ask them to diaper me.

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    When i was young once at five my ma diapered me and sent me off to school. It was so tight i could not pull it down to go at school so i held tell school got out. On the way home i peed it cause i could not hold it anymore. She was mad but i told her it was too tight to pull down and i had to go. we did not live too far from school i walked with my older sister. At 13 i was still wetting the bed still not on purposes they would take me peed pajamas and tie them around m neck also diaper me in front of all my brothers and sisters so not a threat it did happen.

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    When I was about 8 years old, I had a bad stomach bug with vomiting and diarrhea. My mom moved me into her bed for the night; it was easier for her to watch me in case I needed to throw up again. I got into her bed but told her I was afraid I would mess it up if I had to go to the bathroom and couldn't get up.

    "Well," she said, "I could put a diaper on you."

    "No," I replied, "that's okay."

    I have often wondered whether my attraction to diapers might be different today had I said yes. I've replayed that little event over and over again in my mind; I was a small kid and I guess my little brother's Curity prefolds and plastic pants in the hall closet would have fit me without a problem.

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