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Thread: Wetting yourself out of complete panic/fear?

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    Default Wetting yourself out of complete panic/fear?

    Sorry, I wasn't quite sure where to post this one. I suppose I will run with it here haha.

    So, I've had my fair share of "potty problems." Mainly only at night and a few daytime when I purposely held it too long (yeah I'm into that too hah). To lay some background, I am an ab/dl, mainly dl and huge omarashi enthusiast (my bladder is made of steeeeel!). Well, at least I thought so, until yesterday.

    I have a huge fear of driving, mainly driving in the rain/snow/sleet/fog/any time it's not sunny weather. It was pouring rain on my way home from work and I was taking back roads to avoid the crazies on the interstate- it was practically impossible to see anything. Anyways, I had the slight urge to pee but nothing crazy, just forgot to go before I left work, knew I could easily make the 20 minute drive home yadda, yadda. Welp, I reach the highway and I guess some poop head didn't see me and swerved into my lane almost knocking me off the highway- he didn't hit me luckily. But, I FLIPPED, went into straight panic attack mode and pulled over to gather myself. I noticed one tiny problem though... I had totally peed all over myself, I hadn't even thought about it or realized it until it was done (pardon me while I go spot clean my seat...). It was weird, that had never happened to me before, I mean I've heard of the whole "fight/flight" mode thing but Idk, guess I never thought it would happen to me. Needless to say, I walked the walk of shame into my house, showered and got on a dip.

    Anyone else ever experience this? I'm still kinda freaked about it, like I'm just randomly gonna pee my pants again haha.

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    The only time I have ever wet myself out of panic or fear was when I got beaten up by a gang of Chinese people...yeah..

    I was in Singapore when I was 15, me and my friend got really drunk and we did something to upset a gang of Chinese guys.. Don't remember what. Anyway, they beat us up and while I got anyway with a gash to the head, my friend was unconscious on the street bleeding everywhere. While I was getting beaten up, I actually peed myself. Thankfully no one noticed but me, but it was the other time I can remember when I have peed myself involuntarily and out of fear not including when I was a baby/toddler.

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    Wow, that's quite the predicament you got into there eh? hah. Hope both of you were okay. Did you just go home after that or call the paramedics? It seems like it was pretty serious- the potential injuries, not the wetting haha.

    our bodies do weird things sometimes....

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    Well my friend went to hospital and I went home a bit shaken up. Yeah It's a strange feeling when you wet yourself out of panic. I knew it was happening as soon as the incident started. Could have needed a diaper back then

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    I haven't wet myself due to fear, but I did have a couple of close calls a few years ago when I had anxiety attacks (fortunately, this isn't an issue for me anymore).

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    Default Wetting yourself out of complete panic/fear?

    I pride myself on having an iron bladder, for whatever reason I've always had a freakish ability to 'hold it' for literally an entire day if need be.

    However, there was one time when I was a kid, probably around 10 years old or so, that my grandpa took me to nearby Fort Knox, back when it was still the Armor School for the US military

    As he was a fairly high ranking retired officer in the Marine Corps, I suppose he somehow got clearance for us to wander near to the firing range that they used for the M1-Abrams tanks.

    Now I've lived in and around military bases all my life, so I'm quite comfortable with the craziness that goes on while on base. However, when my prankster of a grandfather dragged me near that range and one of the tanks fired a round at some target less than a football field away, it literally scared the pee outta me. My grandpa, of course, laughed like a crazy person at the whole thing.

    To this day (or at least until they got rid of the armor school) I always flinch when I hear the tanks blasting away in the distance.

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    never really wet myself out of fear before though I have had close calls in terms of accidents. I am unfortunately a little crazy because I don't get scared much though it can happen it is not for the usual reasons ironically. of course the reason for that is because I am unusually well equipped NATURALLY and somewhat noticeably more skilled then an average person to handle hostile situations. don't get me wrong I am afraid when being mugged but there's obviously MORE fear for THEIR safety then for mine actually because I have in fact delivered life changing injuries to assailants that I am NOT fond of doing. that's why I usually use the MINIMUM force necessary in order to prevent damage to myself and as little damage to the target if applicable.

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    never wet myself out of fear. Also im not the easiest person to scare, actually im the one thats always scaring others and secretly i hope to scare the pee outta somebody one day. If i do happen to get scared though and it does happen occasionally, its usually something stupid and usually me scaring myself, meaning that ill get scared/surprised when nobody is even trying to do so. A true story of my awesomeness: about a week ago i was at work and i was alone in the back of the store washing dishes, all of the sudden my 7th sense started tingling and i knew i had my opportunity for a good scare, so i walk down the hall towards the office and front of store and i make a fairly high-pitched but non-threatening and unpredictable noise and effectively scared every single person in the store for a total of 3 besides myself, 2 were in the office and the 3rd wasn't even nearby he came to me a moment later and admitted that i scared him. Unfortunately no accidents were reported, but it was so awesome i couldn't help but jump and scream "Hell YEAYAH!"

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    I pissed myself in Iraq when I was stuck in the showers during a mortar attack.

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    never wet myself out of fear before, but i have fallen asleep and come close to wetting myself, or maybe did wet myself a little bit but nothing noticeable >_< The worst is having one of those "bathroom" dreams when you fall asleep in class and you ARENT diapered.

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