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Thread: In the mirror

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    Question In the mirror

    So, one of my favorite things to do when I'm diapered is to look in a mirror and see how cute I look. It makes me realize "wow I am finally able to wear what I've wanted to wear for 15 years and I look super cute."

    but lately, something interesting has been happening (which I did mention in another thread): whenever I see my diapered self in a mirror, the urge to wet is nearly irresistible. I am seriously about one second away from peeing every time I look in a mirror wearing a cute diaper.

    This wouldn't be much of a problem if I were alone, but I've been living with my girlfriend for a while, and she thinks wetting is gross. I haven't done it around her and I probably won't for a long time. She's super cool about my diaper thing and thinks I look adorable, but she's hypersensitive and will certainly know that i'I've peed and be grossed out. Has anyone else experience this sort of thing?

    (there was another thread like this, but it's closed now)
    (also, sorry I called myself cute like a hundred times)

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    Don't be afraid about calling yourself cute, it's good to think positively when it comes to diapers rather than negatively am I right? I'd probably do the same thing too Xb

    As for your problem, I have similar things, but its not really when I look in a mirror, but rather whenever I feel little, which happens a lot. You should respect her opinions about wetting, but if it really is something you like to do maybe compromise. Talk to her about if you can do it when she's not around, only on weekends, stuff like that. The fact that she's so accepting should mean it won't be hard to come to a simple compromise. Good luck!

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    I am really happy to be thinking about it so positively. You should've seen me a year ago. I thought this abdl stuff made me satan or something.

    that's good thinking! I'll talk to her sometime when I have some extra courage. I most certainly am not going to do something she doesn't want me to do. This is her apartment after all. Maybe one day next semester I'll take a day off occasionally and stay at home a little while.

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    I'm pretty sure we've all been there... I know I sure have, mind you it didn't stop me, I accepted the fate of being alone and an outcast forever, because I knew this wasn't going to go away. Then I found people who accepted me and found this site, so checking in every so often helps a lot.

    And she's already accepted, and even likes (I presume) your diapers, so this shouldn't be too hard ^_^

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    I love sneaking peaks at my diapered self. When I'm laying in bed I'll lock the screen on my iPad to look at myself in the reflection and know that its me wearing a baby diaper. And then ill sometimes catch a whiff of baby powder and I pretty much giggle inside. Sometimes ill pose and just look at my diapered butt too lol

    Im glad to hear you can look at yourself in such a positive way, theres no room for negativity in such an innocent act. Since you mentioned that its your GF's house and not yours then asking for permission and respecting her answer is a definite must. If youre into the look and feel of wet diapers may i suggest pouring water down into it? There would be no smell and it swells just as well. It might just make it even more difficult to hold it in, but at least youre already prepared for "accidents"

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    I love to hold my plastic pants up, they look very similar to the ones I wore as a toddler. It's an awsome feeling to have them to wear again. I wouldnt say my plastic pants or my goodnites look cute on me, but it just feels "cool and right"

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    I will admit, it is much better now looking at myself as being termed "incontinent" and seeing myself diapered then it was the first serveral years, it is all about self-acceptance, and it takes time! I don't look at the "cute" factor" so much, as I look more at the "doing the responsible and needed thing" issue, even though it is abnormal for a 45 yr old to be diapered at night, osmetimes it is the best option medically and mattress wise, as well as healthier then being a sleep-deprived zombie in the morning like I used to be. I like seeing myself now, and waking up to a saturated diaper, but a completely dry bed, that is what matters to me most, not how I look. I hope people get over the stigma associated to incontinence, it is not all that much of a big deal with the right protection and attitude!

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    It really is nice to read all this positivity. You're all great.

    Whether it's the cute thing to do, or the necessary thing to do, wearing diapers is awesome. It's important to get to a point at which you can accept that c:

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    I use the mirror every time I put on one of my Depedeco's. I readjust the Velcro Tapes after I put it on. In the morning after I take off my footie I like to look at the side view of my soaked one and see the rear sagging
    a little bit.

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    Ohhhh, you suffer from "Droopy Drawers" too, haha I thought it was only me that got that affliction!

    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    In the morning after I take off my footie I like to look at the side view of my soaked one and see the rear sagging
    a little bit.

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