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Thread: How do I go about getting a commission done?

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    Default How do I go about getting a commission done?

    Because of my 2 older brothers I have kinda become a furry too but they have fursonas and when I ask them about the process they try to screw me over or ignore me entirely. Here is my concept.

    Dinomite love balloon/ my fursona by Experiment626 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    I thought you have a ref sheet drawn first but my brother said to get my art done than the ref sheet.

    And I'm not sure on how to find an artist because I refuse to believe that people look through every single artist because of the massive amount of artists on FA(the only place I'm on now) and newbies like me have no idea where to look and of the fact I've only asked via journal and have been ignored and was promised to have my fursona drawn for my birthday then xmas by jackass brother and he just makes bs up so he won't do it but no problem for himself!

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    You don't NEED a ref sheet, but it is nice to have, and makes things easier if your fursona has a lot of specific details. I did not use a ref sheet for my first commission.
    as far as artists go, there are TONS of them, each with their own style. some really popular babyfur artists for example are Marci McAdam and TaviMunk. I am on, and there are several artists on there who do really good work. many of them do non-babyfur art as well. Personally, for your fursona, I would recommend Lizab on FA . She loves doing reptilian species, and does excellent work!

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    Great my brother was right! With my details and of the fact I would want to do other things with my idea it would be a good idea. I love the fact that the artist is a scaly one and I think I just might commission him.

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