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Thread: Need to find new diaper brand

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    Default Need to find new diaper brand

    I have been wearing Wings Choice Plus for a few years, they are not the best ever, but for my budget, and not feeling right in a diaper that's not good old fashioned plastic backed, they worked alright for me, wearing mostly at night.
    I guess Kendall changed them, not more plastic backed I guess.
    I need a new brand I can buy for not too much, plastic, and good quality.
    I would love to buy better diapers, but right now it's not an option.
    Any help would really be great.

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    I would go to a site such as Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies and get one of their diaper sample packs and give that a try. They have a good selection in all price ranges.

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    I cared for one adult baby that war wings diapers. He had little pills all over his little bottom. They are the worst dog diapers in the whole world in my opinion. I don't know why they even bother to still manufacture those. They are horrible diapers.

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    Tranquility diapers are good for budget diapers.

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