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Thread: Reasons for and aginst wearing terry cloth diapers at night.

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    Default Reasons for and aginst wearing terry cloth diapers at night.

    I have never really worn terry cloth diapers, mainly because every time I have, they leak, what am I doing wrong?
    I used plastic pants over them but they leaked, should I be using rubber pants?
    any pro's and cons?

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    Could be the way you fold it, or your position when wetting.
    If you lay on your side, all the liquid goes to the low side, where the least protection is. Face down or face up seems more secure.
    The type of waterproof pants probably would have no effect.
    If you fold a terry into a trapezoid, it works better than if you try to use a rectangle. Firms up against the skin better for more security.

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    In my experience with enough diaper in the front and sides leaking isn't an issue. And rubber or plastic pants doesn’t really make a difference. Give us more detail, exactly what are you wearing?

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    And the plastic pants have to cover all of the diaper, but I guess that's obvious. You can flood a cloth diaper, causing the pee to collect in the plastic pants. They will leak then.

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