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Thread: I hope I did not just get caught.....

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    Default I hope I did not just get caught.....

    Ok so here's a bit of the background story. I'm currently in a relationship with my girlfriend of almost 6 years, she has no idea about my love of diapers. I have no real urge to tell her either because I would never wear around her anyways, its more of a private thing for me. I know she would be accepting of it and probably encourage me to wear around her but I'm not at that point of feeling comfortable with it enough. I work the night shift and she works days so I get to wear during the week while I'm home.

    As usual I ended the week spending Friday diapered. I was just laying on the couch watching some movies when I passed out. I heard the door open but I wasn't in a panic I was wearing track pants over my "girls" goodnights and I knew it was only my 12 year old step daughter. She came into the living room talking to me then she stammered a little bit when she looked into my direction but I thought nothing of it. She just stood at the end of the couch where my feet were looking at me oddly and was just rambling on in a way that people do when your trying delay or distract them. Finally after a few minutes she went upstairs, that's when I realised because of the way I was lying down the waist of my pants were down a bit in the back and my shirt had ridden up a little leaving about one to two inches of the pullup exposed.

    Of all people to find out. If she did I hope she can keep quiet about it, I know she'll probably tell her mom and I can live with that but I definitely did not want her or anybody else to know.

    Does anyone have any advice on the situation?

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    Look the best thing to do is tell her but I'd ask your step daughter why she was looking funny at me but if she asks me why I had a diaper on then I would tell my girlfriend but that's how I would handle it that's just me

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    I wouldn't say any thing, there is the chance she didn't see. if she did she might not know what she saw. i wouldn't think an inch or two would really give it away.
    wear underwear over it next time so that doesn't happen.

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    Well, independently of this, I truly think after 6 years you should have told her... long ago.

    Not about that she should encourage you to wear around her (why would she do such a thing??) or for seeking of acceptance..
    But because I do believe that especially a long term relationship shouldn't have that kind of secrets... it's just diapers... nothing more...

    about your current situation:... well,.... I guess wait and see how it plays out,
    Either the cat is out of the bag, in which case you will have some explaining to do...
    or it isn't.,.. in which case you're free to keep it a secret.

    but again, I'd really recommend to talk to your gf.

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