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Thread: Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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    Default Merry Christmas Everyone!!

    Well since New Zealand is Frist to Enjoy Christmas, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and I really do hope Santa has been good to you!!!

    Best Wishes..
    Kiwi Sin

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    Thanks Kiwi =)

    I give my best wishes to everyone too. Hope everything is going well for all =)

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    I really thought Australia was first, oh well, I guess you really learn something new everyday. Merry Christmas everyone =)

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    LOL I thought Aussieland would be first, as well!


    (And if you don't celebrate, Happy Holidays!)

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    Haha, nope! I think New Zealand in GMT+12, whereas the Eastern side of Australia is only GMT+10, or GMT+11 in Daylight Savings (which some states are in now).

    However, there is a place that is GMT+13! So technically NZ isn't the first at all.

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    yes, stewart Island off the east cost of NZ is +13gmt and I cant remember the other one.

    Maybe I should of Said, Since I (personally me) will be first to see in the xmas in my country I wish.....

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    Actually, the first people to see Christmas are those in the Republic of Kiribati, part of the Line Islands which are GMT+14.

    Merry Christmas!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyTheNinja View Post
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Yes, Merry Christmas to you all!!


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    Merry Catsmas to everyone. May santypaws bring you lots yarn and jingleybells ^-^

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