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Thread: Does anyone here still play Guild Wars 1?

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    Default Does anyone here still play Guild Wars 1?


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    I've actually been thinking of picking it up. It's fairly cheap now and I haven't really gotten into any massive mmorpg before. I play a scattered crappy one on my tablet, but never a full game. I may pick up a copy if I get a chance.


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    I have it installed, but mostly to take advantage of the annual account "birthday" gifts... I had a hard time getting into the first GW. Never really finished any of the campaigns or anything. Love GW2 though, generally am on it for a couple hours every day. XD

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    Why would anyone want to go back to GW1 when theres GW2 out there? :P Used to be really into GW1 all those years ago, out of irrational refusal not to get into WoW, but now GW2 has been my drug of choice. It'd be fun going back to GW1 for a nostalgia-trip sometime though

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