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Thread: Essex wet and proud!

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    Wink Essex wet and proud!

    Hi everyone,
    Glad to find a sight that is not full of people telling each other how wet they are or asking random strangers to change them...sorry just had to get that off my chest first of all!

    Had a brief look through some of the conversations on here and they are actually discussing interesting aspects of the scene, looking forward to telling folks some of my experiences. I have been known to ramble, please tell me to put a sock in it when needed!

    I have worn nappies most of life as I used to wet the bed Could not live without the feeling of nappies and realised had a fetish for them.

    I play sports and love old films, especially silent cinema and expressionist art pieces. Have a love of dystopian stories and the odd turn based strategy game.

    Look forward to meeting some new friends.

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    Hey Essex is the next town over! Oh wait ... wrong country. Anyway welcome to the forum!

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    Hi and welcome. I like some of the old films, especially cinema noir. I love the play of dark and light, creating shadows. I like the melodramas and old mystery films, as well as some classics like "Key Largo", etc.

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    asking random strangers to change them...
    noooo, random strangers wouldn't get the tapes positioned the way I like them, snug but not too tight or falling down inside my trews. :O (Had it happen. I was young and naive...)

    Dystopias So... Walking Dead? Clockwork Orange? Mad Max? And I must add... Max Headroom? This is the opening ep, an hour of pure juicy goodness. You may not be able to access it as this is a Canadian youtube link; if so you could go to your local youtube and search Mad Max Blipvert
    the show is choc full of luverly lines eg I do hate to waste an employee
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