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Thread: hi hi Who was born Incontinent

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    Default hi hi Who was born Incontinent

    Hi hi who was born incontinent?

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    I am pretty sure all of us were born incontinent. :P

    Sorry.. couldn't resist. I think I know what you were asking, but I like being silly.

    I don't even think one would be able to determine if their new born had the ability to control their bodily functions until they reached the age where they normally would, unless there were some serious physical deformities or developmental problems. Which I realize there are some that are born with those disabilities, and I am not trying to make light of those.

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    At a very young age I had spinal meningitis and nearly died...

    Its blamed for quite a few of my issues, lack of certain fine motor skills, even my very poor vision was suggested it may have caused..more than likely ic as well...

    Compared to my folks, and grand folks, even cousins to have super bad vision...
    Also only ic as far as I know...

    I'm either the odd duck, or it was from issues when growing after spinal cord damage and more than likely brain damage too...

    My family usually doesn't die till around 100 so I guess I may have a few years left...only younger by a bit and not and accident was one uncle died from pancreatic cancer...and a great uncle from type 1 diabetes...

    It was nice, I got to meet and hang out with my great grand parents...that was nice!

    Back on topic,
    I remember really having to watch and goto the bathroom several times a day even in grade school...the teachers would actually tell me to go...I can't feel if I've got to pee much at all...and I had plenty of accidents...through junior high even had a few...I was good at covering it up...I always had a pop in my backpack...and it would somehow spring a leak...huh wonder how that happened...but, it covered real good...wet backpack...take pop out and toss in trash...goto bathroom and cleanup...

    I was and still am ic when sleeping, unless I only catch an hur or two at a time...which I've done a few times...

    Parents tried everything, I mean everything!

    So, I guess since before I was out of diapers...I'd call that close...

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    It should be " Hi, who here was born with incontinence?"

    That is grammatically correct, was no need for two "hi".

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