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    Default EBay?

    Anybody ever purchase from Diaper Connoisseur (jeremyirissarri)?

    Thinking of getting these as I REALLY wanna try them out 2 Diapers Libero Size 7 Abdl Adult Baby Europe Import | eBay

    Anybody ever deal with this seller?


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    He is fairly honest. Some of his items may be a little pricey, but availability is as promised. I would buy from him, before I would from any of the unscrupulous sellers on that site.

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    I've bought from him before. He's reliable... Although pricey

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    Price appears pretty cheap where I'm at, but no chance of me getting those diapers. I'd rather stick with what fits me best.

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    I've bought from him in the past as well and recommend him. He's where I first ordered Tena Slip Maxis to sample and it turned out to be just a month or so prior to XP Medical and Bambino began importing them last year. He might be pricey, but he has quite the collection to try out.

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