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    I just got a case of them, they were on sale. From what I can tell, they're still in the process of redeveloping their product, but it's been basically completely redesigned, it's nothing like the "revision 1" of their product. I will refer to the supers as "rev 2". I also hear due to feedback (complaints) they are making changes. ("rev 3"?) What I have here and above are rev 2. Here's my very mini review:

    The shell has changed color from sea-green to white. The wetness indicator has changed from blue lines to blue dashes. The material used to be thin, fragile, stiff, and crinkly. The new material is thin but is softer and slightly textured, almost with a latex like feel to it. It's not as smooth as most plastic shelled diapers are. More on this later.

    The padding has changed shape slightly, and is slightly thinner and not as wide in the crotch. More importantly, it's a LOT more flexible. Rev 1 padding was very stiff and wider, making it very uncomfortable to walk or side sleep. The new padding is the best improvement IMHO, I'd even go so far as to say it's one of the most comfortable diapers I've ever tried. This was a huge improvement. I haven't wet-tested it yet, but Bark's earlier review said it's more absorbent, so this looks like a huge winner of a change.

    It has actual leak guards! Seriously, the leak guards on rev1 were a complete joke and there was only 1/2" of leg cuff on the other side of them, these are close to 3x the height and look well designed. My skin condition requires the material keep my skin separated down there, and these work really well. They moved the anchor point in a little too, giving you more cuff material on the other side. This was another big improvement in my opinion. Side sleeping was completely OUT of the question with rev 1, but these diapers should be a good deal safer.

    Not everything improved though. The only issue I have with them so far is the tapes. They look very similar to the rev 1 tapes, but clearly they're not meant to stick to the new softer shell. On rev 1, the tapes got an iron grip and would frequently tear the weak shell. On the rev 2, the tapes stick down and appear to stay put, but they "migrate". After an hour of wearing, the diaper had gotten considerably loose, and I stopped to see what had happened. In the past I've seen diapers whose shell stretched, and I've also seen cases of the tapes pulling away from the back at their root (or sometimes pulling completely OFF) but this was something different. The tapes weren't where I stuck them down! They'd both moved out about 1/2" in. To my amazement, i was able to peel the tapes back up (they'd been stuck down for an hour, and were part 1 of a retape… this should NOT have been possible, it was like they were down on a retape panel) and stuck them back down where they should be for bed. By morning they were back out again. Very weird. I'd heard people complaining about the tapes on the rev 2's but hadn't understood the issue. Now I do. The odd texture of the shell will make it very challenging for the tapes. I bet packing tape wouldn't fare any better.

    I've heard that due to the tape issues, they discounted existing inventory on rev 2's, (which is why I got mine so cheap) and are fixing the tapes. Of all the things to fix, changing the tapes is probably one of the easiest things for them to do, they don't have to redesign cutting dies or physically adjust machinery, just load a different kind of tape. Other than that though, they've got a huge winner in my book. I'd been looking for a good comfortable daytime diaper for months, and had given TotalDry Plus (cheaper) and ATN (more expensive) a try, but THESE look like a much better choice. They're less expensive than ATN and their features are superior to anything in their price point.

    Shipping was discrete also, ordered direct from wellness they came in a completely anonymously marked brown cardboard box, with two bandstraps around them. (well, had two… mine had lost one by the time it got to my door)

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    Yes, as of tomorrow (Dec 5) the new line will offered with the improvements - I have been in contact with them and they said they are still improving the plastic, tapes and absorption. So we shall see what has been improved if anything.

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    I think these are becoming one of my favorites. I bought a case of the beta ones. While they have issues they are still very good and with teh new improvements they should be even better. I posed a review here.

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