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    Because I have moved to a home that has a lack of wifi, I have to rely on public hotspots to do my Facebook, Netflix, banking and other stuff, which means I rarely get to indulge in the kinky side of my internet life as I am afraid anyone controlling the hotspot can notice it. Most I use is unlocked, but the one I mainly use at the cafe is secured.

    So what is the deal with wifi? Is it safe to go on to places like ADISC and Fetlife without raising suspicions by those who control the internet at public hotspots, or is it just not worth getting caught?

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    In your place I'd set up something like a Secure Proxy... (search google) - basically you command your connections to be routed via a specific proxy setup... also make sure you use custom DNS (such as OpenDNS) instead of whatever is defaulted by the hotspots default settings.
    Aside from this you could also consider to set up something like a virtual hosted environment (virtual office / virtual desktop) and access it through secure proxy.
    then you'd initiate your surfing session from the virtual desktop.
    basically there's companies providing this kind of setup with linux or windows (more expensive usually) as a back-end and you use a remote client to establish a virtual desktop connection to that server...
    you can set up your own, far cheaper by going with a VPS server system running for example ubuntu or other linux systems and any remote desktop type client that's capable of establishing remote X11 sessions.

    It doesn't get much more secure and private.

    With public hotspots - especially the ones you need to register yourself with, they usually log a great deal about who does what.
    But of course rarely is anyone going through those lists, unless law enforcement pushes the issue.

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    Default Wifi hotspot concern

    no one really cares what you are searching for unless its somehow illegal, and most people arent even tech savvy enough to figure it all out. The only places that can know right away are the techies at school, hospitals or the NSA, and i can guarantee you none of them are going to take time out of their day to out you, or come to you and say "hey, are you an AB?!" lol. We may be being watched all the time, but 100% of the time, no one really cares unless you're a terrorist or use a string of certain words in the same sentence that raises red flags.

    Plus, techies at those places have better things to do than worry about your eclectic fetish interests :3
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    I'd worry far less about accessing ADISC on public networks than I would doing banking! You're really vulnerable to a man-in-the middle attack That's where another customer can set up a wireless network to look like the "official" access point (same SSID & password, etc. so you might even connect to it automatically if you're not careful). Then that person can intercept all your web traffic, before (seamlessly) passing it on to the real network so that you don't even notice. They can get your bank log-in details, inject scripts to install malware via your browser, etc.

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