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Thread: How Much Of A Baby Are You?

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    Default How Much Of A Baby Are You?

    i was wondering how much of a baby my fellow babyz are out there. like how far do you go to make yourself feel like a baby?

    i personally do the following;
    wear diapers (plastic or otherwise fabric) sometimes even out of the house
    dress up like a baby
    own and use a binki
    always watch kids shows
    play with toys (girls toys for me only! along with my Nabi tablet)
    drink only from sippy cups (sometimes with a straw if its spill proof)

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    I sometimes wear goodnites, I have a pack of girls ones, but I would usually get boys.
    I always wear plastic pants over them, I will also just wear my plastic pants without a diaper mostly though, I find it too much of a risk to wear my goodnites outside of the house.
    I tried a footie PJ but it was a boys XL and I was a few inches too big, I'll look again for adult ones - I never thought to check the men's/woman's sections. Other than that dressing up isn't possible for me.
    I tried a binki, but I didnt like it that much since it didnt really fit in my mouth, and I was afraid of the "drug" association.
    I watch kids shows often, I like mickey mouse clubhouse the most, I also watch my shows from when I was a kid too(90's), too many to list =D. I also watched 1 episode of My Little Pony last night actually, It wasn't too bad, I might finish the season I downloaded.
    I have mickey+minnie mouse and winnie the pooh stuffed toys, as well as some other smaller ones that I play/sleep with.
    I never used a sippy cup as far as I know, however I still have my actual baby bottles that I've used a few times.

    I'm still living at home so I must keep things discreet, so I would say I'm 50% of the way.

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    I wear diapers 24-7 for the last 3 months but have worn them for yrs
    I wear baby style clothing
    I use baby bottles
    I use a pacifier
    I drink formula from time to time and eat baby food from time to time

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    I wear and wet diapers
    I use pacis and drink from bottles
    I use baby powder and rash cream
    I wear onesies, sleepers, babygirl dresses and outfits
    I use baby lotion, baby oil, and baby shampoo
    I use a bib and sometimes use baby spoon & fork
    I use sippy cups
    I use a changing mat
    I have disney princess themed bed
    I play with toys
    I have an ABC play mat
    I have tons of plushies that i cuddle with
    I wear booties
    I watch disney movies (little mermaid is my favorite :3)
    I have a diaper bag and a diaper holder that hangs from the wall
    I wear baby perfume :3
    I have plastic bed sheets or bed mats.
    I sometimes eat baby food.

    I think the only thing I DONT do is wear plastic pants or drink formula. 1. because i didnt grow up with plastic pants and they have no appeal to me, and 2. formula is icky and i've also never drank it in my life lol.

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    I wear disposable diapers
    I wear cloth diapers with plastic pants
    I use bottles and sippy cups
    I occasionally use a bid
    I wear onesies and footed PJ's
    Finally I wear baby t-shirts

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    Wear disposable diapers
    Cloth diapers w/ plastic pants
    Footies, onesies, shortalls
    Have a crib and highchair
    Use a paci and have a few sippy cup & bottles
    Love my stuffies!

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    I wear and wet diapers
    I use baby perfumes
    I drink from a bottle when I am alone with a friend. she is NOT a caretaker her presence alone though I find comforting for some reason and I just find it fun to know she is aware of me regressing and not be judged because she mostly is indifferent to this. also she is NOT my girlfriend she is dating someone else.

    this list is growing by the way. remember I just ACCEPTED this as a part of myself and I am still experimenting accordingly. I did a full 180 degree turn 57 days ago and just embraced my little side

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    Being ic I've worn since birth at night...on and off during day...

    But, as far as ab stuff...

    I was introduced to it long ago...I'm getting old

    Have cushies besides my regular diapers
    Have a couple of bottles...several sippy cups...
    Have lots of footie pj's...some with mittens...some lockable..
    Lots of onesies...more than just ab there too...
    I've got an adult stroller...mostly ab, but I do need a wheelchair if going very far...
    Now, have a crib...more medical looking out of metal...tested yesterday, need to change a couple things to make it work properly...
    I've got a bonnet, it was from Halloween a few years back...
    I've got baby powder, rash cream etc,...the stuff is useful...especially to keep rashes to a minimum...
    Not many toys, but lots of kid shows...but a couple of rattles and such
    Can't think of anything else...I'm sure there is more...

    Been accepting of this side a long time, but didn't have much ability to play until I switched professions in, in the last 12-13 years you tend to accumulate stuff...

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    Wear both types of diapers wet also .
    Baby clothing all kinds.
    Bottles sippy cups
    Watch Teletubbies show emlo big bird.
    Have a crib hight chair
    And love my binkie .
    Use baby shampoos .
    Baby powder rash cream
    Some times smell baby fresh lol

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