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    Hi all i was wondering if thee is any way to find people in my area that dl or how to find friends around where i live any sites or any tips would be great

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    There is Diaperbook, Diapermates and a few other ones. Never been a member of these sites but from what I have heard they can be a bit sleazy. If someone can verify whether that is true or false that would be great.

    Perhaps your best bet is to make a group on ADISC for people that live in your area if it doesn't exist already. At least you know ADISC is a clean community with few weridos that you might get on other sites.

    Good luck!
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    I concurr, sleazy. The day I joined there were three people who used obviously professional modeled pictures from various diaper porn sites as their profile pictures. Not the same sort of honesty you find here. has forums for individual states and countries. Fetlfe has hundreds of abdl and ageplay groups, a lot of which are city, state, or region specific. And of course ADISC has many region groups. If there isn't one, you can make one a post a thread in "off topic" and see if anyone else is interested in joining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindland1 View Post
    Hi all i was wondering if thee is any way to find people in my area that dl or how to find friends around where i live any sites or any tips would be great
    As RouteLeader said, there is Diaperbook, Diapermates, ABDLC (ABDL Community, mostly guys), RUpadded, and Fetlife.

    I've been on all those sites and i can give you a detailed description of all of them.

    Diaperbook - nothing but socially inept creeps and the occasional respectable person, but the site itself navigates like crap

    Diapermates - sleazy

    ABDLC - mostly gay guys or overly sexual guys who are also socially inept and don't know their boundaries.

    RUpadded - a more populated version of ABDLC

    Fetlife - not an ABDL specific site, but the easiest site to find other like minded individuals, however; very sex and kink oriented, if you can look past the sexuality of it, a lot of people on there are friendly, respectful and just looking for friends and like minded people. I joined last year and after 8 years of searching for friends on those other mentioned sites, all it took was 2 months on fetlife to find a monthly munch group and my now 8 Real life friends that i talk to and hang out with. Fetlife is more for people who want to hang out in person and not so much stay online. Also, Fetlife is the easiest way to find people and events and groups in your area, since the other sites people tend to be inactive, or fake, or afraid to make anything more than online contact via the site' chat option (which is also terribly programmed)

    Granted, each site has its own ratio of creeps::cuties. But you would have best luck in fetlife among all the others.

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    Hey thanks for the advice i will defiantly have to try out fetlife it sounds like a good place to go.

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