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Thread: Sleep Overs 85-140 lb?

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    Default Sleep Overs 85-140 lb?

    Sleep Overs XL 85 140 lbs 4 Packs 88 Diapers Pull UPS Like Goodnites Attends | eBay

    I saw this on ebay and noticed it is 85-140 lb, which is the biggest Goodnite-type product I have seen. Are these any good, or do they run smaller than it says? Has anyone tried these?

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    Interesting I wonder what those things are link

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    They are just generic curity style goodnites you can get in many pharmacies and grocery stores. They run larger than goodnites (as do all curity overnite underwear brands), but they are granny panties and don't hold much or absorbe very quickly. I was so excited to buy these way back in the day, but they are really nothing special.

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