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Thread: Last night and why i'm more of an AB than i thought...

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    Exclamation Last night and why i'm more of an AB than i thought...

    What an interesting night. In an effort to keep this PG-13, the word "canoodling" will be used extensively.

    The girlfriend (not abdl) and I hadn't canoodled in a long time. We thought that she may be ace or grey-ace or something like that (although the possibility of grey-ace does still exist). I personally am addicted to canoodling, however. this was placing strain on our relationship and I was quite miserable and withdrawn, facing unfortunate side effects of a canoodle-free lifestyle.

    Last night, my girlfriend and I were cuddling each other to sleep. I was in a bambino teddy (i considered myself to be simply a DL) and she was holding me against her chest maternally. I felt a burning desire to call her mommy. I did before profusely apologizing. She said it was okay. So I did again. She said it was hot.

    Long story short, every fantasy i'd ever had came true. We ended up canoodling with me in a diaper calling her mommy. Yup. I'm still trying to process this, but it was probably the best night of my life.

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    it sounds like your girl friend is vey accepting.

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    it is pretty neat that this happened. I just had to tell this story to someone. I guess i'm just excited I found something we both like so much. Also, I never thought I would do something like calling a romantic partner "mommy." It makes me feel kind of gross, but at the same time, I love it. Sorting through emotions is part of the human experience, it seems.

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    That's awesome to hear

    But I gotta ask, how does one canoodle with a diaper on?

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    I thought "canoodling" was cuddling with added frisson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braddeh View Post
    That's awesome to hear

    But I gotta ask, how does one canoodle with a diaper on?
    I asked my girlfriend how to answer this question. She told me to say "humpin hands"

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