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Thread: This Is Going To Sound Stupid

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    Default This Is Going To Sound Stupid

    Alright so I've been indulging my little side with my girlfriend a little bit, and it seems that my little side, and I wish I was joking, has been experiencing temporary night-time incontinence. I don't even know how that's possible but... yea... has anyone had experience with this or knows a cure and/or remedies to stop this from happening, I find my little taking over a lot nowadays... Any advice is appreciated...

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    May just be the fact that you mentally know you are in a diaper (if you are), or could be something else, certainly if it continued without answer I would be talking to the doc... in the meantime, cut down on the fluids 2+ hrs before bed, and go before, should help out with it should not happen without a medical explanation of some kind, that is where I am at during sleep, can wet and never know it unless I got cold, and diapered I don't know it until the morning, unless I wake up in the middle of the night. Hope you get it figured out! :-)

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    It's actually quite ridiculous, like my little is so repressed that when it gets out, it becomes quite strong at times. I tend to try to hide it at all costs unless around my gf who wants me to wear 24/7 and she is my mommy, so you can imagine trying to keep your collective around your mommy. Literally I tried one time and it didn't take but maybe 30 seconds before she was able to practically get my little side to emerge.

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    I really am not sure what to say. Here recently I have been having slight leaks seemingly at random and all the fetish talk at my RP forums (none involving fetishes) has been bringing out my little a bit more. Can't say if they are related though. Odd considering I am used to not needing to pee so much. might have to see a doctor. Anyway, I can slightly sympathize. Hope you do well and congratz on the mommy.

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    Thanks mate, hope you do well too, like it's not major it's just hindering.

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    Er, sounds like this is really a you-personally + relationship issue. I'd guess that it is really not about nighttime incontinence at all.

    I'm hearing that you repress your little side thoroughly, which is a big enough struggle by itself... but I'm also hearing that your GF draws out your little side, without your consent/against your will? That is kind of alarming. Are you a 24/7 couple? Does she want to be, and you don't?

    It sounds like she doesn't understand that this is serious and even somewhat disturbing for you. In some cases (like this one, it sounds like), a dominant/top/Big has a certain very real power over their partner, and she needs to be aware of the consequences of what she does with it. (i.e. putting you in little mode, even when you aren't trying or don't want to -- and now you're dealing with the fallout.)

    It is possible for a top to really screw up their partner if left to act blindly. There's a natural tendency to let them do whatever they please, because "they're in charge" and it feels good in the moment -- or to not realize that you, as a little/submissive partner, NEED to speak up about your needs and feelings... and not just when in little space. Boundaries are ESPECIALLY important in this kind of relationship -- not less important! You should think carefully about whether you're okay with her throwing you into a little headspace without your agreement beforehand (i.e. "yes, I'd like some baby time now"). It is okay for you to tell her that it's disturbing and upsetting when she does it without your prior consent. It is okay for you to ask her not to. She presumably cares about you very much, and doesn't want to harm you. She just doesn't know. If it is how it sounds, you'd be doing her a favor, trust me!

    It also sounds like you have some real issues with accepting your little side and like that may be what's causing this abrupt backlash, in the form of nighttime incontinence. The more you push something away, the harder it's going to intrude when it finally comes back -- it rebounds, like stretching a rubber band. I guess it's "snapping back" when your conscious defenses are down and you're asleep.

    Ultimately, we find peace and fluency with ourselves by not pushing it away; and paradoxically that's what allows it to settle into a natural, comfortable rhythm, which often takes up less room in your life than it did in the "super big conflicted obsession" phase.

    I would say, do whatever is necessary to establish a place that you can relax, and start to get to know your little side yourself. It's nice that she sees you little all the time, but you need to "meet" and learn about who you are as a little, too. If it helps to talk about your little side as if it were a separate person, giving it a name etc., go right ahead. (It doesn't make you crazy!) Or, just write in a journal and see what comes up. Take notes on how you feel or what you think about while you're browsing ADISC or reading/seeing AB stuff. And at some point, begin spending time being little in private, away from everyone. This may seem like a weird idea, but it's important. Don't think "I'm going to have to tell my GF what happens/what I learn" or even "I don't know how I'll write this down later". Just be there with yourself and just observe; try not to judge; just be in it. You may be curiously surprised!

    For me, I know that there is noooo way I can learn to accept something when I'm being forced into it on a regular basis. So, if it were me, I would find some way to back off of little time (and communicate about it) so that I could do some work on myself, and reach a more comfortable relationship with myself. But, people vary. Do what you need to do.

    Eventually, no matter how you get there, you'll make friends with yourself. And you'll start to work with yourself, instead of having this push-pull dynamic that causes so much stress and drama. Sorry I don't have any practical advice, I don't have any experience with this -- but I have seen several posts about it here -- you could do a search

    (Forgive me if this post is rambly or presumptuous or unhelpful, I've got a cold + taken cold medicine + can't sleep! My thoughts are not the clearest but I promise I am just trying to be helpful)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bears View Post
    It's actually quite ridiculous, like my little is so repressed that when it gets out, it becomes quite strong at times. I tend to try to hide it at all costs unless around my gf who wants me to wear 24/7 and she is my mommy, so you can imagine trying to keep your collective around your mommy. Literally I tried one time and it didn't take but maybe 30 seconds before she was able to practically get my little side to emerge.
    This is perfectly normal for littles. In fact its funny this post should be here today because just last night i was talking to my big sis (D/s big sis, not actual bio big sis) and she is literally the only person who has the ability to make me feel little. It gets so intense for me that I don't just become little, i lose total control being wide awake! Whereas, with anyone else or in any other situation im perfectly normal, when my big sis regresses me i literally wet without noticing. Its especially powerful when you've felt the need to suppress your little side. But for me, if I'm in a diaper and an outfit and my big sis starts to treat me little, its all over lol I literally start to crave my paci, I squirm and I wet without noticing and I almost start to babble :P

    I'd say embrace it, and use this constant returning experience as a chance to hone your ability to control when its ok for your little to come out, but i wouldn't worry too much about the night time IC unless it becomes heavily problematic; I mean i can tell you right now that if my big sis was around to tuck me in and maybe give me a night time bottle, i would probably wake up wet too. Its all in your head. Now, if this starts to happen even on days where you go to sleep feeling perfectly adult, then maybe it requires some looking into, but if its just your little side then i wouldn't worry too much about it.

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    This seems to be more common than I thought. Just last week I had an episode where I found myself accidently leaking into my diaper, although I didn't happen to feel particularly regressed at the time.

    Anyway, if said accidents happen only when diapered and regressed, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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    To give you a better look at the control my mommy has, if I decide my little is going away for a week, she just has to live with it. She doesn't have a great hold over me when it comes to me really not wanting to be little. Most of the time I'm in adult state and don't mind being little so she'll send me into little state or I'll go there on my own :P.

    Any help is appreciated, I always enjoy talking to you all.

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    Have not had a second person in my life to treat me as a little. Though last night for the first time I had woke up barely enough to turn onto my back. Wet my diaper, and turn back onto my side. Falling right back to deep slumber. Before I had to be fully conscious, and take my time to go. So yes I do believe diapers do play a role in your psyche. I have only been diapered since the end of October. So I am progressing/regressing a bit more to my liking. I do not want to lose total control, but I would not mind at all having accidents at night without waking up.

    I realize that is not what you want Bears. So I really hope it gets better for you. If it does not then like was said earlier go see a doctor.

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