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Thread: Pampers size 7

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    Default Pampers size 7

    So I've seen people say that these diapers fit them as adults and I was wondering if they'd fit me, I'm 19 weigh about 180 pounds with a waist size of about 34 or 36, I know I'm kinda big but has anyone around my size try wearing them and do they fit ok? I'm to embarrased to buy actual adult diapers so I'm trying to buy pampers so no one will think they're for me, plus they're really cute

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    I would like to know too (i'm similar to OP), however I haven't been able to find any pampers+/cruisers size 7, only 6.

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    Probably not gonna fit guys, I'm 160 and 31/32" and while I can wear them, they're real tight. Definitely a lot of fun though!

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    They will not fit a 34" waist. Your best bet is to purchase some tight underwear, and use them as a pad.

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    I am similar build to you OP. I found a package of size 7s and purchased out of curiosity. The rise is far too low and wasn't able to tape them. Had to use them as stuffers.

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    I've got a package of 7s but they are tight on me

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    they fit me. I wear a size 32 pant. could wear a size 30 but 32 fits better. weigh 130-135

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    I ended up buying some size 6 since I couldn't find 7, they didn't fit me , but I just cut the tapes of one another diaper to try and make it fit but it ended up ripping since I tried at first with out them, now I'm going to try and use three diaper tapes on each side instead of two to see if they fit

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    I weigh 122-128 depending what time of day can't remembor hip/waist size atm, I can fit into size 7 and 6 but the 6's tabs tear after about 3 hours if I try wear over night... nvr had problem with 7's tho. from what I can tell it depends greatly on shape of your body, there will be two people on a thread the exact same size one will fit one will not even be able to get tapes to reach.. so yea only way to know is to try.

    sorry to hear they didn't fit you pampersbaby1993, good luck modding a few on this forum seem to have gotten really good at it.

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