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Thread: Seen in a diaper for the first time?

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    Question Seen in a diaper for the first time?

    I'm really curious 2 hear more from those who have opened up about there DL status in real life. Any story of interaction would be cool 2 hear. Have u been seen in a diaper...have u told a girl...have u ever been changed by a girl? Any story of exposure as an adult. I myself have never told anyone in real life yet. Just curious about how things have gone down for others.

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    Well I told my girlfriend a few months ago. Her first reaction wasn't very good, but now she accepts that I like to wear them. She does not get involved or change me, because I don't really want her too. Being a DL is very private to me and me alone. When I told her, she asked to see me in a diaper and I taped one on in front of her. That was a strange feeling...

    But everything worked out okay so that makes me happy. I now wear diapers around her fairly often

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    Does she ever tease u or make any comments about your diaper when ur diapered around her?

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    I have worn a diaper under my pants in front of my parents while helping them move out stuff. They never caught on luckily, but i ditched them in the bathroom of her gas station just in case.

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    Side Note: how about writing "you" instead of the cannibalized version "u", and "too" instead of "2"? this isn't sms.

    anyhow to answer your question:

    Due to my IC / Bedwetting issues a number of people have seen me in diapers over the years.
    Aside from my parents, my sister has seen me - but I always tried to keep them (diapers) covered as best as I can.

    Now I am in a long term relationship (since 12 years) and of course she sees me once in a while in my diapers.
    I still do take care to wear something OVER the diapers, as I don't feel comfortable walking around in nothing but a diaper at any rate.
    But she's really ok with it. I don't make a big deal out of it and neither does she.

    changed? Well we tried that a long time ago (she changing my diaper) and guess what: I REALLY DID NOT LIKE IT. actually it kind of freaked me out.
    She was quite ok with it... doesn't turn her on (she's not into diapers), but it wasn't anything too weird for her.
    But myself, well as mentioned I freaked to some level ... Probably because it made me more aware of my IC / diapers in a way I didn't like, probably because I'm a bit of a control freak and I like to take care of myself and being in that position made me feel very uncomfortable.
    So no, I'm not bothering to get changed.
    Same goes for diaper-sex... not my kind of gig... the DL stuff - she knows about me liking diapers - but it's something personal.

    Aside from that School was a shit-hole due to my IC issues.
    The only positive side effect... after being bullied about my diapers / pads / IC... well I was so fed up that I got into martial arts and weights... got me fit like crazy and it kept most of the bullies quite nicely at bay.

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    So far, it's only been with other ABDLs, and I'm pretty okay with that.

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    I've only been seen by other abdl's, never been changed though. I have told a girl and have been seen by said girl (who is also a babyfur). If I had gotten changed by said girl, I probably would have melted in euphoric happiness (She was really cute!)

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    I had to tell my wife five years ago when she discovered my on line diaper order. She took it well and now she plays to my little side. She has bought me a number of "little" things like onsies, plushies, sippy cups; even a set of toddler silverware. I also told my best friend from college and he took it well. We were lovers through college so I knew he would. I've worn in public, but not so anyone would notice. I'm not that bold.

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    Most of the folks that know about my ab/dl side are already into the scene but I have told a few folks, mostly very close friends and received a "meh" type of response. Was once caught by my roommate but we were pretty "live and let live" types and he didn't care. Former ex eventually warmed up to it and we ended up diapering each other and cuddling, was nice. Besides that though, I try to keep a "don't ask, don't tell" mentality towards a lot of my peculiarities.

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